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Melinda Still Gets Lost!

Melinda and I have been married for 11.5 years and to this day she doesn’t know how to get to my parents or grandparents house in NJ without me. Now I will give her the benefit of the doubt because I am the one who usually drives when we go places as a family but I find it funny that while I drive she usually doesn’t pay attention.


Over the holidays we made a trip to my parents and grandparents in NJ and Melinda drove because I was totally exhausted from the night prior and I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay awake for the hour trip. Melinda was pretty good on her own for about half of the trip and I can remember waking up at one point to make sure we weren’t lost. I asked Melinda if she was ok and knew where she was going and she said “I think so it is the lawn something exit”. At that moment I knew once we arrived at my parents I needed to download VZ Navigator to her phone which is Android. I knew VZ Navigator would give her perfect turn by turn directions from my parents back home because I have used it on many occasions for work myself. Knowing that she would have turn by turn direction right on her phone made me feel so much more comfortable and would allow me to sleep more soundly because I wouldn’t have to worry about her getting lost and us being in a totally different state when I woke up, LOL.


VZ Navigator is available for Android as well as for the iPhone and is FREE for 30 days then $2 thereafter.  Good thing is if you realize you no longer need the app you can cancel anytime.  Also, if you realize you love VZ Navigator but may only travel once or twice a year you have the ability to purchase it for 24 hours for only $.99 which isn’t a bad price at all.  There are so many awesome features that come with the VZ Navigator and a few are listed below:

  • Choose your preferred route with Route Selector
  • Beat the gridlock with our real-time traffic
  • Take advantage of safety features with school zone notifications and customizable speed limit warnings
  • See which lane(s) to take for highway maneuvers and exits, complex street turns and intersections

Make sure you check out all of the features that the VZ Navigator has to offer because if you are like Melinda and I you are going to love it and it will come in handy when you least expect it.


Do you have any trips planned anytime soon?  I think you need to take a trip now just so you can give VZ Navigator a try.

This post was brought to you by VZ Navigator but the story was my own and really happened, LOL.

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  1. I just love this app, I recently wrote about it too on my other blog and it sounds perfect for my family traveling needs!

  2. The is the second post I have seen talking about this app! I am really going to have to check it out. I have a smart phone and I am with verizon! Thank you for sharing it!!

  3. I really need to get this! The directions on my iPhone usually take me every where except where I really want to go.

    • LOL, I have the iPhone 5 and don’t like the map that came with it. I have VZ Navigator as well as Google maps.

  4. Rob, could you tell us more about how this is different than what comes with the iPhone? I have the 4 and it seems to do most of this, but I am directionally-challenged, so I am probably missing something. It certainly looks more attractive visually!

    • I don’t know what the iPhone 4 comes with but I think the map program on the iPhone 5 is different from the 4 and it’s ok but the VZ Navigator allows you to search by points of interest, favorites and to me is overall just easier to use but that’s just my opinion.

  5. Matthew is the driver for the very same reason!!

  6. This would be handy, especially when I’m in Chicago. I always get lost there.

    • I have been to Chicago a few time so I can understand how you always get lost there. Chicago is very confusing like NYC is.

  7. What a great app! My husband is the one that gets lost in our house. He had to use his GPS for months to get home after we moved. He eventually figured it out, but then he still only knew one way to get to our house! It’s sad.

    • LOL, that is really funny. I am pretty good with directions and after driving a certain way a few times I am pretty much good to go with no GPS.

  8. I could use the VZ navigator! My husband says I am a HORRIBLE co-pilot. I can get us lost even WITH a GPS.

  9. I don’t know how I’ve never used this before?! I have it!!

  10. I hope to take more trips with my family this year. We could def use a service like VZ Navigator. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Glad to hear that there is a reliable navigation app from Verizon. We’ll have to give this one a try.

  12. Poor Melinda. At least you were there to save the day!

  13. Ahh i love this app! I downloaded it off another suggestion and have been soo pleased with it! I could ditch my garmon if I wanted too!

  14. Wow, thanks for the info! Looking for a good app so I can get rid of the ole’ garmin!

  15. Sounds like a very helpful app.

    • It sure is especially when you get lost. LOL. But is also will prevent you from getting lost if you use it at the start of your trip.

  16. In this case, Melinda and I should NEVER be alone together to navigate on a car trip. I don’t pay attention to when my DH drives either and get lost VERY easily.

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