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Toilet Paper Roll Gift Box #craft

There is never a shortage of toilet paper rolls in this house. 5 people, 3 bathrooms there is always a holder that needs to be filled. I’m usually the one replacing them so imagine how a crafty mom’s mind does flips when she’s holding this simple cardboard tube that’s begging for some flair. If you’re looking for ideas to put into your gift box, check out Gift Glide.

This Toilet Paper Roll Gift Boxes are perfect for candies, play jewelry or other small gifts. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I thought I would put some of my stash to good use.

toilet paper rolls, cleaned of all tissue pieces
paper, paint, ribbon, glue, glitter, buttons, paper or foam shapes, raffia, the list goes on and on

craft supplies, toilet paper rolls

Red Gift Box
Using poster paint I applied an even coat and set it aside to dry for 2 hours. I circled double-sided tape around the tube once. Then, over a paper towel (or sheet of paper) I sprinkled silver glitter on the tape, tapping it on every once in a while. This is much easier and less messy than glue. Using this awesome bow tying fork technique I made a tiny bow from a thin organza ribbon, adhered it with glue and the box was done.

glitter with double stick tape, toilet paper roll craft

Ribbon Gift Box
Even simpler. I left the tube naked, and neatly wrapped ribbon around it and tied it in a nice bow. I tucked a note under the ribbon and it’s ready to give as a gift.

toilet paper roll gift box, candy holder


toilet paper roll craft gift box

Each tube held about 6-8 starburst candies but hershey kisses or sweetheart candies would be very appropriate too.

candy gift in toilet paper roll

Covering in a pretty lightweight scrapbook paper is a great way to personalize and customize for any holiday or occasion. I wouldn’t recommend heavyweight cardstock though.

Letting a child decorate their own gift box is an adventure. Break out the stickers, paints, markers and everything else you can find to let them be as creative as possible. Don’t have any stickers? Why not make a sticker using this site?
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