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Make Some Extra Cash With Qmee

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Raise your hand if you want to make money while doing every day web searches. Well I can’t see if you raised your hand but I am assuming you did because who wouldn’t want to make money while searching the web especially if you were already in the process of doing so. If you are still with me here you need to head over and sign up for Qmee which is totally free. Yup you read it right totally free.


Here is the skinny on how Qmee works. Search online like you do every single day especially if you are a blogger like I am with Google, Amazon, EBay, Yahoo or Bing. You don’t need to do anything different that what you currently are doing every single day. Qmee results will appear alongside your search where it will show you the cash reward for that search. If you are interested in the result that you see, click on it and collect your reward. Qmee will only show results that they feel are relevant to what you are searching for. Some results are worth pennies while others can be worth up to a dollar. When you feel like you have enough money in your account you can either get it deposited into your PayPal account or you can donate it to one of Qmee’s featured charities. I really like the charities option and I think once I get a little cash in my account that is where I am going to put it.


I have been using this for a few days now and so far it appears to be working really well. I am only getting relevant results which is good because I was nervous I was going to be bombarded with a ton of stuff that had no relevance but so far that isn’t the case at all.

Again remember this is totally FREE so sign up today because in my opinion you have nothing to lose and everything to gain like a few extra bucks for searching the web. If you want more details or description on Qmee and how it works click HERE to get all of your questions answered.

I Disclose

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  1. This is pretty neat! So basically you are being paid to do the things that you would be doing anyways. I like that it can also be added straight to PayPal!

  2. That was my thought exactly because I surf the web a lot. LOL.

  3. I’m resistant to change with searching because I’ve been doing the same thing for over 20 years, but it’s worth a tryout!

  4. Looks pretty cool! I’m always willing to try something new so I just registered.

  5. With as much as I browse the web, both for business and fun, Qmee could really come in handy. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. I never heard of Qmee. Thanks for getting me in the know. It sounds cool. Headed over to check it out.

  7. Ooh this could be a great thing to try, thanks for sharing!

  8. Cool. I need to check this out. With all the surfing & shopping I do online I bet it will really add up.

  9. I just signed up with it a few days ago. I think it is a really neat and hey not bad making a few bucks while doing searches we usually do.

  10. Very cool! I hadn’t heard of them until now! 🙂 Thanks for introducing me to them… I am going to check them out! 🙂

  11. I love that this rewards you for something you’re already doing! What a great service!

  12. Susan E. says:

    Well, that sounds very cool! I’d never heard of it but I’m going to sign up and give it a try.

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