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Chomper Chums App help your kids get their teeth clean

Every day I have the same conversation with my kids, “Did you brush your teeth?”. The slightest bit of hesitation reveals that they didn’t but are trying to come up with an excuse or lie there way out of it.

I then open mouths, scrape gunk and sniff breathes. Gross. They’re off brushing again.

Since they are such tech addicts I’m thinking utilizing the Chomper Chums app might be a bit of an incentive.

The point of Chomper Chums is to motivate kids to brush and take care of their teeth in order to earn coins to feed their character within the app. The contained timer lets kids know the right amount of brush time plus flossing and rinse time. Instructions for proper brushing is also included as part of the lesson.

As you kids earn points and feed their animals they are given food choices. They are encouraged to make healthy choices otherwise there could be unpleasant results.
United Concordia developed this app to help kids develop lifelong healthy teeth habits without mom and dad hovering every time. Best of all this app is FREE.
chomper chums appIf you battle with your kids like I do then check out Chomper Chums for iOS or Android.