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CocoonKids for KlaasKids Safe Internet Browsing

It’s been said before that we are a very tech focused household. With mulitple laptops, smartphones, iPods, tablets and gaming systems in the house it’s definite that at least 1 person is plugged in at any given moment. Being a blogger you can imagine the amount of clicking around the internet that I do for reading, researching and browsing. That’s just the way it is for us.

The kids though don’t have as many reasons to be browsing the internet willy nilly. We’ve used different software and USB tools to monitor the kid’s web usage but over time it seems to become more of a irritant than anything else.

CocoonKids for KlaasKids is a different approach to safe internet access for kids since studies show 90% of children age 5-8 have access to a computer. In 1998 The Children’s Online Privacy Protection was drafted to protect kids online privacy. But since then the invention and explosion of technology with smartphones, WI-Fi, social media networks and mobile accessibility has made our children more susceptible to predators of a digital kind.

Simply doing a history search of the visited sites on your computer for that day puts you a step behind any activity that your children may have been involved in. Stop the potentially harmful activity before it can even happen with the Coocoonkids for KlaasKids toolbar.

A quick free toolbar download creates a safe internet browsing space for your kids. With preselected approved sites by you at their fingertips you never have to worry about them accidently clicking read more links or flashing blinking lights. Their space will be populated with the websites, blogs and activity sites you know are safe.

Using the already approved White List is a great starting point especially for littler ones., and are some of our daughter’s favorites. Clicking on a link that will take your child outside of the approved site will show them this.

Password needed for KlaasKids

This requires a password, your password when signing up. That password will allow access to THAT page just that time. It does not automatically add it to your approved sites. Clicking through that temporary site doesn’t work to access other sites. Each subsequent unapproved site click requires a password. Kids can’t bypass the installed toolbar without a password.

Sign up today for a FREE Cocoon account to experience these CocoonKids for KlaasKids Benefits
• Protects kids personal data from marketers and predators
• Protects the family computer from harmful downloads of viruses and malware
• Helps parents manage their family’s online lifestyle

*Installation on the Firefox web browser is required as the CocoonKids for KlaasKids works as an add-on toolbar.