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Hooligan Bear Book Series for Kids plus Giveaway

Shae has recently started to show a love of reading. She reads labels, food boxes, homework papers and of course her books. She has a few favorites, some of which I’m tired of reading. Hooligan Bear is a new favorite, specifically New Friends.

Hooligan Bear and his nephew Little Louie live on a shelf in an abandoned warehouse, just the two of them. Their lives change when a box is found on the street down below and out come 3 New Friends. They instantly become best friends and live in the warehouse together.

Author Ian Toynton isn’t new to the creative process. His career is spotted with producing and directing gigs on Bones, Providence, The O.C. and many more television shows since the 80’s. Writing Hooligan Bear came about from his love of animation.

Shae and I thought the story was really sweet and endearing. These group of bears bonded over the fact that they all had been left behind. The then built a life for themselves in the old factory and take care of each other since they are now each other’s family. Shae was able to easily read the story and follow along the vibrant illustrations. Little Louie is our favorite bear.

Hooligan Bear Book pages

There are currently 3 books available, Hooligan Bear: Home, Hooligan Bear: New Friends and Hooligan Bear: A Special Day.

Hooligan Bear Books

The stories don’t end on the last page though. Hooligan Bear and the rest of the gang continue their adventures on Twitter and StorifyChoose your story.

LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! readers are getting the chance to win all 3 Hooligan Bear books. Visit Hooligan Bear and tell me who is your favorite bear.

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