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Who Wants To Play Some Bingo?

Isn’t it cool how the internet has taken games to a whole new level like the ability to play bingo online.  I can remember when I was younger and going to the bingo hall at the local church on Saturday nights with my grandparents.  Now all you need to do is go online and there is no need for you to ever leave the comforts of your own home.

Looking back I can remember going through the process of getting our boards and finding just the perfect seat.  We would spread out our multiple cards and get ready to play.

A few funny things I remember about going to bingo was everyone bringing their own bingo bags equipped with ink blotters and/or chips depending how hard core they were.  I remember the regulars who attended the games being the most aggressive and really getting aggravated if you got anywhere close to them after they selected their seat.  People tend to be creatures of habit and we weren’t exactly regulars so we tried to respect the other players by giving them their space.

I need to see if I can find some place to play bingo in our area because I think Shaun and Shae would have a lot of fun especially if they got the chance to yell “B-I-N-G-O” at the top of their lungs, LOL.

I did enjoy the game of bingo and yelling it out on the rare occasion that I did win but one of the biggest attractions for me was the food.  The church saw bingo as the perfect opportunity to make a few extra bucks with their concessions and I am glad they did.  They sold items like hamburgers, hot dogs, candy and ice cream and I took every opportunity I could to visit the stand for my select goodies for the night and my grandparents were always ready to oblige.  I know Shaun would also love the food at bingo because like they say like father like son and I love my snacks.