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Be an Educated Caregiver with Help from Walgreens and Medicare Part D

his is a sponsored post with information provided from Walgreens. All opinions are my own

Taking care of your family is a natural part of growing up. Getting married and raising your children is how many of us see the future of our lives. That future can change when we are faced with the decision to become caregivers to our parents and elder family members.Schedules and routines are changed. Family dynamics are put to a test and budgets are stretched to accommodate new expenses. Bringing in more family to the household can put a lot of strain on everything from space to the wallet.

Walgreen's Pharmacist

Walgreens in there to help where it can. Not only are they a trusted neighborhood retailer for many of our everyday purchases they put together plans and programs to help save their neighborhood money where they can.

  • Take Care Clinic
  • Balance Rewards
  • Immunization Services
  • You’re Worth Savings

Walgreen’s You’re Worth Savings is built to help customers understand Medicare drug plan benefits and find ways to save money. With the recent changes to Medicare Part D Walgreens is there to ask questions about covered pharmacy services, the funding gaps and how free products for qualifying diabetes patients.

Walgreens Medicare Part D

Walgreen’s spokesperson Joan Lunden knows firsthand the complexities that occur when faced with the decision to care for an elderly adult.

A Caregiver’s Take: A Few Simple Steps Could Make Health Care More Affordable
By Joan Lunden
As a caregiver to my 94-year-old mother, I have come to understand many of the challenges seniors and caregivers face in trying to navigate on a day-to-day basis. One of the more difficult aspects to understand is Medicare. From the logistics of enrolling to understanding the best plan for an individual’s needs, the process is confusing to many.

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Visit your local Walgreen’s Pharmacist to get all the details of how they can help save you money on your Medicare Part D prescriptions and services.