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Every Child Deserves A #HungerFreeSummer

This post is brought to you by ConAgra Foods and The Motherhood, and I’ve been compensated for my time. However, all opinions are my own.


A few ago I wrote my first post of two about child hunger that you can read HERE.  Like I have already mentioned more than 1 in 5 children in the US are at risk of hunger and to me that is totally unacceptable.

Thankfully Conagra Foods and Chris O’Donnell have joined forces to bring much needed awareness to this issue.  Chris worked with ConAgra Foods to develop a video and a simple way for others to join in the fight against child hunger.  For every view a meal is donated and you can view the video HERE!

If you are like me the number of hungry children in the US is disturbing and scary but there are little things that you can do to help feed kids so that the number of hungry children can be reduced.  One of the things that our family has done in the past is we had a food drive for our local food bank.  When we lived in MD we held a food drive where we had a bounce house, food, games and prizes and instead of asking people to pay we asked everyone attending to bring one can of food per person.  The awesome thing was people were so generous with their donations that instead of the one can of food per person people were bringing bags of food.  After the event we donated over 350 lbs of food to the local food bank that was then distributed to hungry children and families in the area.  To me a food drive is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to give back and help needy children in your community.

Another way is to find a local farm or garden in your area that donates fresh fruits and produce to local food banks that is then handed out to children and families in the area.  Our local food bank here in Delaware has a garden that volunteers help maintain and help grow fresh fruits and vegetables that are distributed to needy families. Sabreena on a few occasions has volunteered at the food bank and has helped weed the garden and helped with the overall maintenance. For those of us that may not have the financial resources to donate money to the cause donating time to me is the next best thing.  A few hours our of our day on a week night or Saturday isn’t a lot considering how much our efforts impact local needy families in the community.

Children all over the US need our help especially in the summer when they aren’t in school receiving free of reduced lunch so check your local community for ways to help like volunteering at your local food bank, farm or garden.  The children that are hungry in your community will greatly appreciate your efforts.