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belVita for Breakfast

Mom Central belVita DisclosureBreakfast for me is most time non-existent. I make sure the kids get fed a balanced meal with their vitamins but when it comes to making something for myself I quickly lose interest. I like grab and go; things like coffee are my go to. I realize coffee isn’t breakfast but that’s usually what I get until 11am.

By that time my stomach is growling and I’m looking for something that I can eat with one hand so I don’t have to interrupt what I’m doing. Yogurt and cereal require a spoon so that is too much work most busy days. belVita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuits is something I can enjoy quickly and conveniently.

belVita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuits will join the five flavors of crunchy belVita Breakfast Biscuits, which launched in the United States in February 2012. belVita Soft Baked are delicious biscuits made with whole grains to provide nutritious morning energy at breakfast. The NEW belVita Soft Baked are available in two flavors, Mixed Berry and Oats & Chocolate.

belVita Soft Biscuits

Last week I had an especially busy day getting ready for a weekend getaway and knew I had to fuel up for the day and grabbed a Mixed Berry belVita Soft Baked Biscuit. I paired it with a yogurt, glass of orange juice and coffee and was able to last till lunch.

I found the belVita Mixed Berry Soft Baked Biscuits to be on the dry side but I’m guessing that is because it’s just 7 grams of fat. Any more butter or oil would make it moister but also defeat the purpose of making it a wholesome option. The texture is a cross between a cereal bar and a cookie. But the Oats and Chocolate Soft Baked Biscuit was definitely a soft more pleasant experience. Both varieties pack a lot of flavor in a small package.

With Back to School on our heels how do you keep your stress level down while keeping up with the high demands of parenting, school schedules and activities. These tips from Lifestyle Mom, Dana Hilmer could be a great help to get you ready:

  1. It’s important to schedule down time for you and your family. Before signing your kids up for this year’s after-school activities, think about your family’s priorities and the impact each activity will have on your schedules.
  2. It’s just as important for you to have a tasty, healthy breakfast as it is for your kids. Perfect for eating on the go, belVita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuits come in two varieties, Mixed Berry and Oats & Chocolate, grab a banana and a latte and you’re good to go with nutritious morning energy.
  3. Take a little time each night to get organized for the following morning. By making lunches and selecting outfits before bed each night, you’ll free time each morning for other things.
  4. Be sure to keep healthy snacks in the kitchen for after-school snacking. Nuts, crackers and fruit are great to give kids right when they walk in the door to keep them from grazing on unhealthy snacks, or spoiling their appetites for dinner.
  5. Moms often complain about not having enough time for themselves, but when life gets busy, it’s even more important to carve out that time. Treat “me time” as a priority.
  6. Start a to-do list with three sections: the priority of the day for yourself, the priority of the day for your family and the priority of the day for your work. Start with these items, and only move on to other less important items once they’re done.
  7. Use Sunday nights to plan your dinners each week. If you take a few minutes to think about how you can creatively use the leftovers from one night to the next, you can create a full week’s worth of healthy, tasty dinners that your family will enjoy.
  8. Give yourself the freedom to say no without guilt. Activities or commitments that may not be right for your family are okay to decline. Saying NO gives you the permission to say YES to things that are important to you.
  9. Back-to-school season is also cold and flu season. You can keep your entire family healthy with these simple habits: eating well, getting enough rest and washing hands regularly.
  10. Create a network of support for yourself. This network looks different for everyone. Consider asking your partner and kids for support. They can be a great help with tasks you feel comfortable handing over.

belVita wants you and your family to start off the day right no matter what breakfast options you choose. If belVita sounds like they would be a good fit you can find these in your local grocery store in the cookie and cracker aisle for just about $3.69 for a 5-count box.