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HALO Pocket Power Charger Recap

Just a couple of weeks ago I was sent a HALO Pocket Charger. It has a fashionable look and small profile (think tube of mascara) but I was skeptical because there was so much focus on the looks there was no way it was going to perform well. I’m pretty good at keeping my phone charged but my Kindle Fire often dies while I’m reading it. I was headed to football practice and realized that of course my Kindle Fire had no juice so I plugged it into the HALO for the short drive. It gave me enough power to read a few chapters.
HALO Pocket Charger with wrong cable
All summer I’ve been packing for quick trips to the beach with the kids. The process is simple; I pack clothes and necessities and the kids are in charge of their own personal belongings that they want to bring. This usually is a blanket, pillow, stuffed animal, iPod, gaming device and movies for the car. Shae is my thinker. She not only grabs her iPod but her charger and wall adapter. Shaun on the other hand does NOT and is complaining 20 minutes into a car ride that his iPod is dying. Shae being the nice sister lets him borrow the charger but on our most recent trip I packed those things in the trunk in the bags.

Being the smart mom I am I had Shaun charge his iPod on my HALO because I keep it in my purse. I will admit that the first couple of times I tossed my HALO in my bag I forget crucial items to go along with it. The photo above shows the Kindle being charged with the wrong cable, but it worked.
HALO Pocket Charger #giveaway

The HALO Pocket Power Charger from QVC comes with a USB charging cable and 3 interchangeable adapter tips so that you can charge tablets, Bluetooth devices, cameras, phones and gaming devices. Have an iPhone 5? Use your own USB cable to power up. The HALO itself charges through your computer or laptop, no outlet needed.

One thing to remember is to POWER OFF the HALO when you are done charging your device. It will hold a charge up to 12 months when not in use but will drain if those lights are lit up green. Everything you need fits neatly inside an included pouch so it stays contained in your purse, luggage, laptop bag or beach bag. For just $29.98 this is the perfect gift for anyone that wants to stay connected to their technology.

HALO Pocket Charger When the 2800mAH HALO Pocket Power is fully charged itself, it can:

  • Charge a Blackberry over 1.5 times on a single battery.
  • Charge an iPhone 3 over 1.5 times on a single battery.
  • Charge the iPhone 4 1.5 times on a single battery.
  • Partially charge a Pandigital tablet.
  • Charge the Samsung Galaxy S 1.25 times on a single battery.
  • It can also partially charge a Samsung Galaxy S in 10 seconds in order to make a call!

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