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There’s something good coming out of #rainbowloom

We walk in the store and the displays are as big as the kids. I was regretting this moment for weeks.  The Rainbow Loom had infiltrated our usually trend resistant  home. We didn’t fall for Silly Bandz and Scratch Art just sits in a shelf.  Even the elaborate Star Wars Lego sets weren’t ever an attraction.  BUT Rainbow Loom is make an impact. At first I wasn’t too thrilled. I figured the appeal was going to last just a couple of days then end up in the back of the closet but I think we might be buying more rubber bands this weekend.

#rainbow loom fad for boys too

Shaun is spending all of his spare time learning new weaving styles and matching up color combinations.  This is the kid that would put his iPod down if the house was on fire. Shaun is our electronics addict. Between Xbox, computer, iPod, kindle and tv he’s almost always connected if he’s awake.

Something clicked when Rainbow Loom landed in his hands. The need to be creative overtook his desire to plug in. That can’t be a bad thing. He learned the fishtail weave within a few hours, worked on the Hexafish weave the next day and is now teaching Shae how to make her own bracelets.

working on #rainbow loom

I think he appreciates this activity a little more than other toys and games because he was told he had to pay for it himself. He now knows since he made an investment he should actually take the time to enjoy it and learn it. Oh, and he’s selling them too for a couple $$ each.

I can deal with the little rubber bands and c clips on the floor if he’s working with his hands and brain instead of pushing buttons on a device.