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2014 Word of the Year

Apparently there is this new trend happening on the internet where a person claims a word to be their mantra, their focus, their resolution for 2014. Word of the Year.

I tend not to follow trends. I’m not calculating or a strategist in terms of posting things on the blog. I don’t do things just because others do. BUT as I saw these “Word Of The Year” posts crossing my feeds MY word came to me.

I’m not a risk taker in any aspect of my life. I do things that make me happy and that I know will benefit me and my family.  I’m a creature of habit. I don’t often venture off my cushy path. With all of that taken into account I somehow feel comfortable with the word that that I’ve chosen for my Word of the Year…TRY

2014 Word of the Year

I will try harder at being a

an understanding parent

a supportive wife

an inspiring blogger

a constant friend

I’m going to consider new endeavors with open eyes and an open heart.

Did you choose a Word of the Year?