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Unique Ornaments for Gifts

Gift giving for the holidays can often become a chore especially when the receiver is hard to shop for.  I know many of people like this in my life and the end result tends to be gift cards.  I don’t know about you but gift cards are my least favorite gift to buy.  I know they are practical and perfect for any situation but they are boring.  Here is a collection of gorgeous  and unique ornaments that don’t have to go on a Christmas tree.  They would work hanging in a window or from a shelf.  Take gift giving an extra step and use an ornament along with a gift tag for a spectacular presentation.

All of these choices come from Etsy and are handmade. This guarantees their individuality from big box store purchases.

Burlap Rag Ornament

Key Ornament

Hot Air Balloon

Button in Resin Ornament

Sparkling Starfish Ornament

Sequin Cupcake Ornament

Quilled Snowflake Ornament

Paper Flower Ornament

Christmas Tree Stained Glass Ornament