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Framed Key to My Heart Valentine’s Craft

Our home decor stays pretty static  most of the year. Halloween and Christmas are the holidays where we decorate but I’m realizing that celebrating even the small ones we’d probably enjoy them more.  I consider Valentine’s Day a “Hallmark” holiday. A holiday hyped up to sell cheesy greeting cards, expensive candy and boring roses. This year I’m starting early with this Framed Key to My Heart art.

Key to My Heart Valentine Craft

I like frames. They cover my walls and shelves filled with photographs of my family and friends but I’m seeing that they make great vessels for crafty art. I can interchange frames to suit the season or holiday.

I had the perfect spot on a table that I knew needed a little something

Materials Needed

Frame, size and color your choice, paint if you need to

Cardstock or scrapbook paper, color and pattern of your choice

Coordinating ribbon, skinny and wide

Embellishments, I used paper & felt heart cut outs

Stamps, markers or printed message

Key, I used a decorative skeleton key

Glue & tape

Key to My Heart Valentine Craft

Remove the glass from your frame and cut your cardstock to fit the opening. I layered a pattern and a coordinating solid with a valentine’s theme but not overdoing it.

I played with the wording and tried my best to hand write it but my writing is terrible so I taped my cardstock onto a sheet of paper and ran it through the printer after figuring out the right placement.  Go ahead and write or stamp if you prefer.

Key to My Heart Valentine Craft

Play around with the embellishments you choose to use like rhinestones, lace, raffia or buttons.

Key to My Heart Valentine Craft

I used a piece of thin black grosgrain ribbon to hang my key and wider ribbon to seperate the different papers.

I added dimension to my paper hearts with a little ink.  Using a black sharpie and scrap felt I rubbed the edges of the hearts to ink them.

Key to My Heart Valentine Craft

I layered the key over a felt heart for a pop of texture and color and added the entire craft to the frame.

Key to My Heart Valentine Craft

Key to My Heart Valentine Craft


It’s sitting on a small end table where it can be seen for the season.


  1. This is so adorable and super creative. I love the 3D look the real key gives it. This would make a great addition to my Valentine’s Day decor this year!

  2. That is so sweet. My husband and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but this would be a cute decoration on my mantel!

  3. That’s sooo cute! If I decorated for vday, I’d totally make this!

  4. What a special and personal gift. I think this would also make a great Valentine’s day decoration.

  5. This is so cute! This year is the very first time I am decorating for Valentines Day so I need to make something like this for my mantle!

  6. very sweet idea for valentines day. and a great way to use up some extra small pieces of craft paper and supplise

  7. That is super cute. I love this idea!

  8. I love this idea, how unique! The key just tops it all off and gives it a pop. Great job!

  9. I like to do that to, frame a seasonal art in one of our frames. This turned out so cute! Love that you have a real key hanging!

  10. Adorable! I have a few skeleton keys around here, I’m gonna have to hunt them down and add this to my to do list! I think hubs will like it 🙂

  11. Oh I am in love with this! BTW – I am able to comment from my other laptop, so weird. Two things I love about this – 1 it’s home made and 2 it’s very positive!

  12. This is great! I have so many frames that are just sitting around in boxes and could easily do this craft. Where did you find the skeleton keys? Craft store, by chance?

  13. This is such a clever idea, and couldn’t have turned out any cuter. I have several frames I could use for this.

  14. This is so sweet! I agree with sprucing things up to go with the holidays. We are starting to get a little more brave with our decor.

  15. I love the idea of using the frame for art rather than traditional photos. This is such a cute design.

  16. Wow, I LOVE this and so want to make one for my husband! I love that i could get most of the supplies for under $5!

  17. Very cute! I agree with you that it is important to celebrate even the small holidays. I think it is fun and a great way to build memories!

  18. I love projects that feature skeleton keys. Another favorite project of mine is shadow boxes so I think I might do this for Valentines decor but as a shadow box 🙂

  19. This is adorable! I’m going to try this out for my sweetie for Valentines day.

  20. What a neat idea! I never can think of anything to use as decoration for the house for V-day — what a great way to decorate with it being too cutesy

  21. This is so cute, and I totally just purchased a few decorative keys at Michael’s for $1 each! Stopping by from Hoyby Crafts through the Someday Crafts link party.

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