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Paper Heart Chandelier #craft #heart

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With Valentine’s Day just a few short weeks away I’m going to bombard share with you some great Valentine themed crafts & activities for the next 5 days.  These will all be simple enough that anyone can make them. Even with simple adjustments they can be done with the kids. I’m starting off with making this colorful Paper Heart Chandelier.  I’ve been wanting to make one for a long time and finally got around to doing it.

Making this is a charming way to dress up a dinner for two or for the whole family.  Valentine’s Day is the best excuse to shower your loved ones with extra kisses, hugs and symbols of how much they mean.

Paper Heart Chandelier #craft

This heart chandelier is going to end up in Shae’s room. She’s a collector of mementos and notes and trinkets from her family and friends.  Since this isn’t overly pink and red it’ll fit into her room just fine for a long time.

Making a chandelier of your own is very simple, using simple materials.  The most time is spent attaching your hearts to your thread.

Paper Heart Chandelier #craft

Paper Heart Chandelier #craft

Paper Heart Chandelier #craft

Paper Heart Chandelier #craft


Paper Heart Chandelier #craft

Paper Heart Chandelier #craft

Materials Needed

  • embroidery hoop
  • jewelry thread
  • scrapbook paper
  • heart punch
  • school glue
  • paint
  • glue gun
  • finishing ribbon


Paint your embroidery hoop your preferred color and set aside to dry.

Start punching hearts from your scrapbook paper.  I needed 98 hearts because I was making 7 strands of double sided hearts, one strand with 9 hearts, one with 8 hearts, one with 7 hearts, etc till the shortest strand with 3 hearts.

Starting at the bottom of a long piece of string add a heart with glue and attach the 2nd heart and hold till it bonds.  Move 1-2 inches up and add another heart with glue onto the string and another heart shape.   Repeat until you have all of your strands complete.

Make sure you leave excess string at the top of your strands so they can be attached to your hoop.

Tie your strands in the order you prefer and knot them so they don’t come undone as you finish all of the heart strands.  Arrange them neatly and put the outer ring of the embroidery hoop on tightly. This keeps the strands in place.

Using a pretty ribbon cut 3 or 4 long pieces to act as the hanger.  Figure out where you want your ribbons  and make a small loop around the embroidery hoop and hot glue it closed.  Pull the ribbons together at the top, arrange them so the chandelier is straight, make a loop and hang.

Paper Heart Chandelier #craft

Paper Heart Chandelier #craft

Substitute supplies for things you have on hand. Hearts can be made from wrapping paper, felt, comic strips or book pages.   If invisible jewelry wire isn’t available use yarn or twine. Make the craft work for and your personal preferences.

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  1. That is wicked cute! I am always looking for craft ideas to do with the kids & I know they would love to make one of these.

  2. This came out so good. A craft I could definitely do. Zoe is asking for heart crafts so maybe we’ll go pick up supplies!

  3. This is such an AWESOME idea! I absolutely love it. My daughter is a Valentine baby so you can imagine how many crafts we do in the month of February. I am definitely going to do this with her. It’s going to make for such a cute decoration.

  4. A very cute use of old sewing supplies – we can do this at my house easily!

  5. really cute idea. you could totally do this to work with any decor, too!

  6. That looks great!
    I am going to show this to my son, he has just finished all kinds of minecraft paper art!

    • Shaun just built a 3D Steve with paper cubes. I tossed it before I could get a picture of it though, it wasn’t “right” he said.

  7. Love this idea. I love that you chose such bright and cheery colors!

  8. HOW ADORABLE!!! It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  9. Oh, I LOVE this! It’s something that I would keep up year round in my girls room!

  10. That turned out so stinkin’ cute! It’d be really sweet in a babies room, too!

  11. This is just so pretty! I bet my daughter would love to make this, and she could keep it up year round!

  12. Your paper heart chandelier is so pretty! This looks like a great craft that the whole family could work on together – talk about some good quality time!

  13. I just love this one and even without little kids around, I absolutely love it. Super cute!

  14. That’s really cute! I love how easy it seems to make!

  15. AT first I thought this would be hard to make, but not after seeing your instructions. How darling~

  16. Melinda! This is absolutely adorable. What a great idea for a baby mobil as well.

  17. What a cute Valentine’s Day craft! I want to try this!

  18. This is so cute! Would it be ok if I just made one for my craft area – to hang above my space?

    • I’m working on making my daughters room a craft room/office when she leaves for college. I’m making a ton of these to hang all around the room 🙂

  19. This is so beautiful that I would not want to put it away! I would make it stay out all year round because of it’s cuteness!

  20. This is such a great craft- I’m not sure I’ve seen a paper heart chandelier before! My 4 year old daughter would love this, I think we’ll have to work on this for Valentine’s Day.

  21. What a lovely chandelier!! Love the hearts a great accent for a little girls room!

  22. This is so cute. I want to make one with my daughter.

  23. That is super cute! I would love that for my daughters room!

  24. That is so sweet and easy to create. My daughter would love one for her room but perhaps I could do an owl silhouette (she is really into owls).

  25. I absolutely love this! Very cute idea. Great use of an embroidery loom!

  26. That is so cute! I love how you used an embroidery hoop!

  27. What a darling little paper heart chandelier! Your paper hearts are too cute! Thanks for sharing this idea. I can’t wait to make one with my daughter.

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