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Wii Fit U Challenge 2014 Update

2014 disclosure

Two weeks ago I was all gung-ho with the Wii Fit U Challenge 2014. I shared with you the routines that were given to me, the progress that I had already made and the fun that the kids I were having.Wii Fit U Challenge

I went to work on  my routine and noticed I needed 2 Wii Motion Plus remotes. We have one. I haven’t had the chance to get another one so I’ve had to modify the routines myself.

Changing the routine wasn’t hard at all. There are so many options to burn calories and get the heart pumping.  One of our favorite activities to do as a family is Super Hula Hoop. I’ve even found a way to kick it up a notch by bending my knees while swinging my hips. Doing this gives my legs an extra work out that I definitely feel the next day.Super Hula Hoop Wii Fit Challenge

You can see where Shae was beating me but I finally passed her score.

Another 1.6 pounds down!