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DIY Necklace and Pendant Upcycle #craft #jewelry

I love love love jewelry.  I especially love necklaces.  My earrings are diamond studs Rob got me a few years ago that I never take out. My wedding band stays in place with the occasional fashion ring on the other hand. But necklaces get changed often dependent on my mood. I have some favorites like this Lisa Leonard Lots of Love pendant and necklace. I was shopping last week and rummaging through a clearance section in the craft aisle and found a pendant. I knew it was missing something but knew immediately I could rescue it and upcycle it into something adorable.

DIY Upcycled Necklace #bird #clay

I had a broken silver necklace at home so I knew I could resurrect it into something pretty.DIY Upcycled Necklace #bird #clay


I started by fixing the necklace with a heavy gauge jump ring and then cutting the chain right in the center. Fixing Broken Necklace #bird #clay

Then I added the same heavy gauge jump rings to the pendant and attached it to the necklace. This is an instructional video on how to work with jump rings correctly. Using a heavy/thick ring will lessen the chance of it coming apart while wearing. There is always the soldering option but I’m not there yet.

necklace on pendant

attaching jumprings

The empty nest needed eggs. Blue is a my favorite color so I knew a couple Robin’s eggs would look like they belonged.  Rolling out the clay into the right shape took the longest time;  making sure to tap the ends to get it round but not flat. After getting 2 almost identical eggs  I was ready to bake. It just takes 20 minutes in a 225° oven and they are hard like little pebbles.

I have a glaze that gives the clay a shine after baking but clear nail polish would work just fine.

Using a couple dabs of glue I placed the eggs in the nest and let it set for a couple hours. This glue dries completely clear.

making eggs for necklace

Don’t throw away broken jewelry. Give it a new life with the purchase of a $2 pendant or create your own pendant with buttons, clay, earrings or beads.DIY Upcycled Necklace #bird #clay

 DIY Upcycled Necklace #bird #clay


  1. That came out awesome and it was definitley a good find. I love coming across cute pieces at estate sales and things like that.

  2. That is seriously cute. The blue eggs are just the right pop of color!

  3. That is beautiful! You did a great job!

  4. Look at you with your clever and stylish ways. That is super cute, mama!

  5. I love it!!! So cute that you added the eggs and Robin Eggs were the perfect addition. Makes me think SPRING!

  6. I love how it lays on your neck. Very pretty indeed. and Yes, great for spring!

  7. It’s really pretty. My sister-in-law is a huge fan of turquoise, I’m going to send her the link to ooh and ahh over it too. 🙂 Very nice!

  8. Aren’t you talented! I have always wanted to be able to make jewelry, but even when I bought the supplies, I just wasn’t creative enough to think of what to make. I love yours!

  9. You’re very creative, Melinda! That’s a great find and you did a wonderful job with it. The necklace turned out really pretty!

  10. I love your necklace. It’s so pretty!! It’s awesome you were able to rescue it!

  11. you ROCKED this. i adore it. those eggs just make it this whole new piece!

  12. Go you!!! I threw away a necklace the other day because I didn’t think there was any repair to it, now I’m rethinking that move. Thanks for the details!

  13. Melinda, I can’t believe that you made that necklace! It’s so pretty! I love the pop of blue from those Robin’s eggs!

  14. You did a great job! I love the robin eggs, such a nice addition to it.

  15. I like the idea of upcycling old pieces in order to create something new and beautiful.

  16. Very gorgeous! I really love this piece!

  17. You make this look easy! What a beautiful necklace. I don’t know that I would have attempted it, but you rocked the repair!

  18. Your really crafty and creative. It’s amazing how you updated the pendant and made it into a pendant.

  19. Really pretty! I have a very similar necklace!

  20. Your touches really made that necklace look gorgeous. I would actually purchase that if I saw it in a store!

  21. That’s really neat. And the robin’s eggs are the perfect pop of color!

  22. That’s so cute with the little jade stones! Love how you added that pop of color!!

  23. I am in love with this piece! It screams Spring and that is just what I’ve been wishing for!

  24. You are talented… It takes a delicate touch to fix broken jewelry… Kudos!

  25. Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous necklace! So awesome you fixed it!

  26. That is so adorable! I never would have thought to change it like that!

  27. How very cute!!! I love how you made the robin eggs!

  28. That came out really cute. I think I like the robin eggs too!

  29. That little bit of DIY/Upcycling turns an okay necklace into something so adorable.

  30. Such a cute and sweet necklace!! 🙂 Happy weekend!! xx Holly

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