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MythBusters on Netflix

When I had my appendix taken out a few years back, I remember waking up from my surgery late at night and and watching MythBusters with my mom. We ate cold french fries and watched the crew destroy something, I’m sure. I don’t remember what they were doing, I don’t really remember anything about that night but I remember enjoying myself. It’s always an entertaining show and can hold my attention for hours.
I’ve always loved watching MythBusters. They are constantly doing such crazy and interesting experiments. One of my favorite episodes is when they fire frozen chickens into a plane windshield to check a myth that birds can break through them when planes are in flight.

I also like when they prove just how difficult it is to take candy from a baby, when they disprove the myth of the man dying from standing in his washing machine and the time when they try to float a man using only balloons. I’m happy to now be able to watch MythBusters on Netflix. It’s a great show to just have on all day and marathon through. I may have to get my brother to watch it, I really think he would enjoy all of the incredible experiments. Netflix Stream Team