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Get Advice with Sears @ShopYourWay

Sears DisclosureSo you’ve been debating that thing a ma jig for a while now but just aren’t sure about making that big purchase. What about asking the experts for some advice? Over at Shop Your Way you can now Get Advice from Sears store associates all over the your way sears

From advice on the best baby cribs to replacing refrigerator water filters, through Get Advice you can access product and category expertise from thousands of in-store Sears associates while at home or out on-the-go, plus recommendations and insights from the millions-strong Shop Your Way member community.
@ShopYourWay Get Advice

@ShopYourWay Get Advice
As a Shop Your Way Member (it’s free) you can post any product related questions within the community and view replies just as you would in the store. The answers come from other members and store associates. Simply go to the “Ask A Question” field on a product page.

Never be left in the dark about features, specifications or ratings again.