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Yale Key Free Deadbolt

I woke up one Saturday morning and found that Rob had installed a new Touchscreen Deadbolt on our front door.  I was surprised by one fact, it had gone in so easily and quickly that no one else was even awake in the home.

Yale Key Free Deadbolt #easy #safety

Yale sent us the Key Free Deadbolt to analyse.  This is something that Rob’s been wanting for a long time. Shaun is 11 years old but I DO NOT think he’s responsible enough to have a key to the house. I’m home when they get home from school so there is no need to worry about how they get in the house.

There have been occasions where I’m running around getting errands done and I notice the time. I’ve had to call a neighbor or my mother to meet them. Not the most convenient thing to do.  The Key Free Deadbolt gives me peace of mind that they can get in the house safely in case I’m not there. Best feature so far; it locks on its own.  Waving your hand over the panel will engage the bolt but kids aren’t thinking about that as they are running out the door for the bus or friends waiting on the sidewalk.  Within just a few seconds of the door closing the deadbolt will turn on its own; locking the door securely.

The Yale Key Free Deadbolt comes with an illuminated touchscreen and the ability to give out 25 user codes.  This gives us the option of  having a “guest code” for emergencies where I have to ask a neighbor or Sabreena’s friend to come over and let the dogs out or close the windows in a rainstorm.

All of these things have happened.

The Yale Keyless Entry products also come with the ability to sync up to some home security systems. This gives parents more peace when they can get text alerts that their children have let themselves in the home after school.  Shaun and Shae take turns entering their code to open the door, even when the garage door is open.Yale Key Free Deadbolt #easy #safety

Rob said the installation was by far the easiest Honey Do task he’s encountered in a LONG time.  The instructions were voice-guided directly from the deadbolt. A couple of screws, some tightening and it was done. We did replace our doorknob too. It had a key and I didn’t want anyone to accidently lock the doorknob when we were trying to go keyless.  Unfortunately our local home store didn’t carry Yale products so I didn’t get Yale doorknob but I think we got a good match.

If you have kids growing up and going in and out think about taking safety a step further with a Yale Key Free Deadbolt. No keychains required.