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Making Eggs in a Hole Breakfast #kidsinthekitchen

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Breakfast seems to be the most quiet part of the day lately. The kids are waking up groggy and zombielike. This comes from a day of play in the sun and pool. I obviously want to start them off with a good breakfast. Shae asks for eggs and toast all the time. At age 6 some might think she’s not ready to cook but out of the 3 of them she’s the most comfortable in the kitchen. I taught her how to make Eggs in a Hole or as some people call it Toad in a Hole. I don’t understand where “toad” comes from.Eating Eggs in a Hole
Anyway, we started with the cutting a circle out of her bread. She used her juice cup, it was the perfect fit.Making "Eggs in a Hole" for Breakfast #kidsinthekitchen

In a large buttered skillet over medium heat she added her toast pieces then slowly poured a cracked (but not scrambled) egg into the hole.
Slowly is the key. The heat of the pan will set the egg and you’re less likely to get spillage under the toast. If the egg does leak out just press down on edges of the bread for a moment.adding eggs

She lightly sprinkled her egg with salt and pepper and I flipped them to cook on the other side.Making "Eggs in a Hole" for Breakfast #kidsinthekitchen

Within 3-4 minutes her breakfast was cooked. I served this along with a yogurt and bowl of fruit and orange juice in her cup.

This method doesn’t work very well for scrambled eggs though. None of the 3 times I tried did I have a successful “omelet” in my toast hole.
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  1. The name refers to the egg or the sausage (the English version) peaking its head out of the batter. It definitely makes more sense when you see a picture of the version with sausage cooked in a flourless batter in the oven.

    Happy cooking!

  2. This is one of my son’s favorite breakfasts! In fact, he just saw this post and guess what he asked me to make?

  3. I love cooking & having my kids join me in the kitchen. Thanks for the great idea! I’m looking forward to this series.

  4. I’m loving your party! Thanks for hosting. Please come and party with us. We would love to have you! http://loulougirls.blogspot.com
    Happy Friday! Lou Lou Girls

  5. My son saw the Pioneer Woman making these on her show recently and have been bugging me to make some every since. He learning to cook and loves it so this should be fun making.

  6. I just tried the egg on toast baked option with my kids and they actually enjoyed it. I was surprised how well it turned out. This option looks like a lot of fun too.

  7. My son will love to eat this and possibly enjoy making it even more. Nice idea. Good post.

  8. My husband makes these, they are soooooooooooooooooooo good.

  9. Great idea! My 5 year old would really love this. We’ll have to try it. She’s growing to love being my little helper in the kitchen!

  10. Those make me smile every time I see them! My youngest enjoys helping in the kitchen.

  11. What a fun breakfast to get the kids involved!

  12. I love this idea. It’s something my kids could do.

  13. I haven’t made this in ages. We call it Toad in a Hole…. no clue why.

  14. I’ve always wondered how you do this! How fun!

  15. Egg in the hole is so much fun! I kinda suck at it, but the kids love trying it 😉

  16. Cute idea and way to make breakfast fun.


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