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2014 Mitsubishi Outlander #DriveSTI

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2014 disclosure

Road Trip with Mitsubishi Outlander #DriveSTI

Most of you know by now that I love cars and I love doing car reviews since I have done at least 10 if not more.  I don’t care that I only get to keep the vehicle for a week because for that week we like to use them to travel to different places that we have never been to before.  During the week we like to put the car to the test and see what we like and dislike about the vehicle.

Road Trip with Mitsubishi Outlander #DriveSTI

Three weeks ago we received the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 SE S-AWC for review and we really put it to the test.  The first test was to drive 625 miles to Charleston SC to catch a cruise to the Caribbean and see how five people plus luggage would fit.  I am happy to report that all five of us fit as well as our luggage.  The 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander does have a 3rd row but we found that by using that 3rd row it took away from the cargo space ALOT. What we did instead was put all three kids in the second row which was tight and folded down the 3rd row to give us more cargo room which was great since we had a ton of luggage. Don’t get me wrong it was tight (due to overpacking, LOL) and the luggage barely fit but it fit and to me that is all that matters.

Road Trip with Mitsubishi Outlander #DriveSTI

Road Trip with Mitsubishi Outlander #DriveSTI

The 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander had a lot of nice features and a few that I absolutely hated.  The first thing that I loved was the way that the Mitsubishi drove as well as the acceleration.  I expected it to be weighed down with the five of us as well as luggage but it moved just fine with no problems.

Another great feature that I loved was the entertainment system which consisted of 7 inch touch screen with navigation and SiriusXM as well as a 710 watt Rockford Fosgate premium sound system (9 speakers including a 10 inch subwoofer with punch control). Melinda and I loved the sound system but not Shaun.  While on our way to South Carolina Melinda caught Shaun leaning his head on the back or her seat and every time she would tell Shaun to sit back.  The problem was that every time Shaun would sit back in his seat he said the bass from the sound system made him nauseous.  I guess Melinda and I like a lot of bass in our old school rap music.

Road Trip with Mitsubishi Outlander #DriveSTI

I also loved the power remote tail gate, rain-sensing wipers, fast key passive entry system and the one touch start/stop engine switch.  All of these features are not necessary items but let me tell you they are very nice features to have a just add to the overall appeal of the 20144 Mitsubishi Outlander.

There were two features of the Mitsubishi that I understand how and why they worked but I didn’t care for the feature at all.

The first was the lane departure warning system.  Like I said I understand why this feature may be important to some but to me it was really annoying. Any time I was just a touch near the lane line the system would notify me with a loud annoying beep.  The good thing was this feature was able to be turned off and on with the touch of a button so as you may have guess this bad boy was turned off every time I drove.

Road Trip with Mitsubishi Outlander #DriveSTI

The other feature that I liked and disliked at the same time was the adaptive cruise control.  I do love using cruise control especially on this trip since it was 625 miles one way but the thing that was a little bit of a pain was the forward collision mitigation.  The system would detect when there was a car in front of me (not sure at what distance but it was a good distance away) it would slow the cruise control down until the car in front of me was no longer detected then it would continue back to my set cruising speed.  The overall function of this feature I liked but at times the car would slow down at such a rapid pace that it would actually jerk you in your seat.  I could understand this is happening if I was on the bumper of the car in front but this would happen when we were maybe 4 to 5 car lengths out.  Overall a really nice feature but at time it was a touch annoying for me.

Overall I really really enjoyed the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander and everything that it had to offer.  If we didn’t over pack I am sure the cargo space wouldn’t have been an issue for us but that didn’t take anything away from this vehicle.  It was packed with more features than I was able to use but every feature that I did use I really enjoyed.  It definitely was a very nice vehicle and got us to and from our vacation in style and comfort.


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  1. That is a nice looking car. I love how much storage space there is in the back.

  2. Everyday Living with Chrys says:

    Looks like a really roomy car. I think the trip must have been good based on the backseat party 😉

    • LOL, it was an awesome trip. We went on a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean. Only problem was the 625 mile drive from Delaware to South Carolina and then back to Delaware. HAHA.

  3. We just did a road trip with my family of 5, this looks like it has a beautiful amount of storage. Keeping it in mind when we think about a rental for our Christmas trip.

    • Definitely an awesome vehicle with a lot of room and nice features. If you have the option to rent one of these I would for sure.

  4. I can see how the lane departure warning could be annoying! However, it might be helpful for me because I tend to get sleepy and drift on long drives.

  5. whoa. that is A LOT of trunk space. I like that you can split all the seats down if you need a little extra room too.

    • I agree with you on that. We were glad that the seats split and went down as well so we were able to fit all of our luggage. LOL.

  6. This looks like a nice car and I loved the Mitsubishi I had years ago. We need something bigger right now, though, with three rows and storage behind it.

  7. Nice car – I love the pic of the kids sleeping! Looks like a really nice and roomy backseat

  8. Looks great and roomy! We don’t drive but if we did something like this would be great as a 2nd vehicle:)

  9. Nicole R says:

    What?! I want to just test cars every week. I wouldn’t have to buy my own if I had a new one to test each week. This looks like a pretty sweet car.

    • LOL, I do love testing/reviewing cars. Only problem is that is always makes me want to get a new car which isn’t happening anytime soon.

  10. This is a really sharp car. It’s got tons of interior space, and the extra bells and whistles are really nice.

  11. I love all the space it has without being gigantic in body. Looks comfortable in leg room too!

    • I am 6’3 and I was comfortable in the front so yes it does have a lot of leg room which I really like and need. LOL.

  12. I love the space this car offers. I’d find the adaptive cruise control too much, though. Can that be turned off?

    • Not the adaptive part. If the cruise is on the adaptive part is involved. It wasn’t to bad but it was a little bit of a pain.

  13. That looks like a slick car. Pretty cool that it has sensor winshield wipes. Does it come with a backup cam?

    • Yes the one we had did have a backup cam. I am not used to them so I feel like I don’t use them as much as I should.

  14. Looks like a comfortable and roomy car. I appreciate that your review is honest and that you write the positive and negative aspects.

  15. I could sure use that car next week on our trip to Ohio. We are going to do the longest yard sale. That storage space in the back could sure hold a lot of treasures.

  16. Oh wow it sure is spacious! I love all the room it has. That is a must for this family!

  17. What a great looking vehicle. It looks so roomy and comfy!

  18. Angela S says:

    I am impressed by everything you fit into that car. It looks great for road trips!

  19. Great review! That second picture cracked me up. I guess that’s another plus to the car…silence in the backseat. 🙂

    • LOL, true. They were tired after our 7 day cruise and probably sleepy from all of the food that they ate all week.

  20. I like SUV’s that have an optional 3 row to fit 7 people. I didn’t realize this car had that option. It looks like a nice vehicle!

  21. What sweet ones in the back. Looks like a great midsized car. Would easily fit our family and more!

  22. That is quite a car! I love the features that you mentioned and the space that this vehicle has. Great car for road trips with a small family.

  23. I like that you can have that optional third row up if you want it. Glad your luggage and family fit. 😉

  24. I’ve actually wanted one of these for awhile! They look like they have a lot of storage space and are durable!

  25. I love the third row option. You can certainly fit a lot of luggage and kids in there!

  26. That’s a lot of luggage in the back! Still, your kids look like they enjoyed their rest on the way to your cruise!!

  27. This sounds like a great option for my husband. He needs a new car for work, but I’d really like something that can fit our family of 6 if necessary. We’ll have to look into this a bit further!

  28. Oh I’d love to test drive this one! I’d like to see how we all fit with the 3rd row and see how much extra space there is.

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