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Pizza Night #familyfavorites

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CBias Disclose
Each Friday is Pizza night in our home. It’s a way to make #familyfavorites into a lovely family gathering putting tasty ingredients together into a meal we can all enjoy.Pizza Night with Classico Sauces #familyfavorites #shop #cbias

Homemade Pizza starts with homemade dough. This is one of my least favorite things to do (such a mess) but it’s so worth it. I’ve been teaching my eldest daughter how to make the dough so she can one day start this tradition with her own family. I like to have the kids in the kitchen with me when I cook so they learn how to make these same dishes.Pizza Night with Classico Sauces #familyfavorites #shop #cbias

Pizza Night with Classico Sauces #familyfavorites #shop #cbias

Dinnertime is often about tradition and family time. I try my best to prepare meals that my family loves but also like to try new dishes so that my kids learn to enjoy a wide variety of food. Even though each Friday is Pizza night the rest of the week is filled with other Family Favorites like Baked Cheesy Pasta, Lime Chicken Tacos and from scratch Macaroni and Cheese.

It feels great when were done a meal and the kids rave about how good it was. And when the kids request a certain dish that they really enjoyed at some point, that definitely means I’m doing something right.

Pizza Night is a completely interactive process with the whole family. Even though I make the dough putting together part is done by the whole family. Toppings are set out so each person can make their own pizza the way they like. This is a great way to introduce new ingredients I want the kids to taste.Pizza Night with Classico Sauces #familyfavorites #shop #cbiasThis is the fun part of the night, except for eating of course. You can see how Shae and Sabreena are adding Classico Family Favorites Traditional Sauce. This sauce has a great sweetness to it that balances great with the spicy pepperoni, roasted garlic and red onions. That was what I chose for my pizza on this night.

Pizza Night with Classico Sauces #familyfavorites #shop #cbias

Pizza Night with Classico Sauces #familyfavorites #shop #cbias

Classico Family Favorites come in 3 flavors, Meat Sauce, Traditional and Parmesan & Romano.  For pizza night we went with the simplest because we also add additional ingredients or herbs to suit our taste. Right out of the jar I like the flavor of the Traditional. It brought to mind of an amazing spaghetti and homemade meatball dinner on a cool fall night. In fact with the weird cooler weather we’re already getting this August we probably are too far away from indulging in that family favorite. Unfortunately our Walmart was out of Parmesan & Romano. I wanted to try this along with some roasted veggies over grilled chicken. I will be headed back to the store soon to see if they restocked.

Pizza Night with Classico Sauces #familyfavorites #shop #cbias

Pizza Night with Classico Sauces #familyfavorites #shop #cbias

Family favorites can be elaborate meals that take hours to prepare or a simple soup and sandwich meal gathered around the kitchen island. It’s about more than just the food it’s really about the connection you’re making with your family enjoying conversation and laughs and creating memories.

Save money with this Heinz Classico coupon when you buy two jars of Classico Family Favorites!

What is one of your Family Favorite meals? #CollectiveBias & Classico would love to hear your ideas too.

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  1. Our family favorite meal is a taco! They love the flavor and I love that I can load them up on veggies.

  2. This pizza looks delicious. Classico sauce is the best.

  3. While I usually make my own sauce, I buy Classico for my lasangas and if I don’t have 10 hours to simmer my own. i love their basic marinara.

  4. Chrystal @ YUM eating says

    We can a lot of tomatoes so we generally make our own Italian sauces during the year. I have tried Classico and I they are one of the brands I generally go to. We love homemade pizzas and pasta night is always a fave.

  5. My answer is going to sound weird, but here in Trinidad, a meal that brings family and friends together is curried crab and dumplings. We make a whole pot and everyone gathers around the table to chat and eat.

  6. Your pizzas look so good! I want to try to make your recipe, I bet my family would love them!

  7. You’re making me hungry! Seriously though, looks like you had a great time making pizzas and home made is a lot healthier and less costly then buying out

  8. I like that you put the toppings on the side so everyone can make their own the way they want it. 🙂 We’ve had a cool summer here too… I don’t mind, as long as it’s not indicative of another cold cold cold winter.

  9. We love making homemade pizza! Since we all have such different tastes, it’s the perfect way for us to all have the perfect pizza!

  10. Pizza and Lasagna feature big over here 🙂

  11. I love making homemade pizza! It’s so good, and so easy to do! We had weekly pizza nights during school. Think we will start up again come Sept and back to school!

  12. We love doing individual pizzas, too. Our favorite dinner, though, is Taco Fiesta night.

  13. I’m going to be honest. I don’t particularly like Classico so don’t buy it. I’m more of a Ragu fan. We do pizza but usually buy it instead of making it.

  14. Spaghetti is one of our favorite meals. It is something every person in the family will eat which is rare!

  15. My family likes pizza. The kids like making their own “artisan” pizzas as well. Sauce can mak eor break a pizza.

  16. Your pizza really looks good. I think my family loves my meatloaf the most but there are a few others that are close seconds.

  17. I love homemade pizza. I think there is just something about making it myself that makes it all the better.

  18. Our favorite family meal is Tacos. The kids would have tacos several times a week if I’d let them. 🙂

  19. Homemade pizza is the best! I love that your kids are involved in the process. How fun!

  20. we make homemade pizza a lot. My kids prefer it. I always use jarred sauce because it’s so yummy.

  21. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I love family pizza night. It is a fun and easy meal choice for us. We all like different toppings and get to each create our own masterpieces.

  22. Ashley - Embracing Beauty says

    Yum, that looks delicious! I’m now craving pizza!

  23. I love pizza night at our house! Mmm let’s see, we love pasta family night and sushi family night!

  24. Whenever we have a family movie night (at home) we always make our own pizzas. It’s so fun to let everyone decorate their own.

  25. YUM! Pizza night is always a favorite around here, even better when you get to make your own pizza!

  26. Aw DIYI pizza night! When I have kids I want to have a lot of these nights so fun!!

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