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Can E-Cigarettes Really Work?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NJOY for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

My parents are a HUGE part of my family.  My children have grown up with them involved in every part of their lives. They attend lacrosse games, graduations, birthday parties and random dinners just because. Living 5 miles apart from each is probalby a big contributor of this but also it’s because we all love each other very much.

A couple of years ago my husband and I started to pull back from so many visits to them because of their cigarette smoking habit.  We didn’t stop spending time with them but we just limited the time spent at their house. The kids started to complain of the cigarette smell on their clothes, the dogs, their hair and of course on my parents themselves. The kids often asked US when and if my parents would stop smoking. These days kids are very educated ans aware on the dangers of smoking and I think it started to make them more aware and scared. They would hear Pop-Pop cough and cough and wonder if it had to do with smoking.  I told the kids that quitting was a decision their grandparents had to make on their own. The kids would leave hints, make comments but they understood that the choice had to come from my parents.

Three months ago my parents decided to make a change. They were switching to electronic cigarettes. This was amazing news for my family.  No more skipped visits to see the people they love best. No more complaining of smoke and smells. No more interrupted trips for smoke breaks. I was so proud of the attempt.

Electronic cigarettes like NJoy are a technological breakthrough for those with smoking habits. Vaping is the process of inhaling a vapor that contains nicotine, flavors and chemicals. The NJOY e-cig is constructed to feel as close to a real cigarette as possible. The inhalation of the flavored vapor creates that familiar feeling of smoke in your mouth and throat. The flavors just add a little something extra.

NJoy Vapor Cigarettes Can Really Work

NJoy is NOT owned by Big Tobacco and never will be. They are committed to setting the highest standards for corporate responsibility related to the prevention of use of their products by people under the legal age, transparency and disclosure related to the ingredients contained in and the processes involved in manufacturing of our products, and the advancement of scientific evidence related to the potential benefits associated with the use of their products as an alternative to traditional tobacco products.NJoy Vapor Cigarettes Can Really Work

I personally think my father’s smoking had a lot to do with needing something to do with his hands and mouth. We’d often witness him hold a cigarette, take a puff or two and be done with it till it burned out on its own. Having an electronic cigarette gives him the same feeling of a traditional tobacco cigarette without all the mess and smell and health issues.

Today to say I’m crazy proud of my father is an understatement. He said if he had he known how easy this was he would’ve made the switch years ago without having to go through the trouble of patches, gum, prescriptions and withdraw symptoms.

Is NJoy something a smoker in your life would be willing to try? Learn more about #NJOYVape to help someone else kick the habit.

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