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How Do You #GiveBack

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How To #GiveBack for the HolidaysEach holiday season I think about our kid’s holiday wishlists and immediately get overwhelmed. This year I didn’t let that happen because I stated early on that we’re doing a simpler Christmas.  This is an punishment for them. It was a way to open their eyes to see what was really needed in their lives.

Instead of pages and pages of gift ideas the kids really thought about the things they needed and wanted. The lists are short, deliberate and well thought out.

Even though our own gift giving is smaller scale this year that doesn’t mean we aren’t giving to others. Hasbro included me in their holiday review opportunity but instead of showering my kids with more toys that they don’t need I decided to give everything away to children in need.

Rob’s employer set up an angel for children in the community that weren’t expecting a very good holiday season. We pulled 5 names and donated everything (but 1 thing) to those children.  I’m hoping our small gesture brings a smile to their faces. Every child deserves something of their own, not just on the holidays but every day. As a family we give what we can.  Some weeks we are donating to the food bank or toiletries to the women’s shelter or blankets and towels to the pet shelter. Every donation is helpful.

We also give when we can to Child Hunger Ends Here. As a young child I often didn’t know when and where my next meal was coming from. This shouldn’t happen. No child should ever know what hunger feels like. There are too many resources in this country to allow this to happen. We incorporate efforts in our everyday. Our children always have an extra snack in their lunch box just in case a classmate goes without. Our grocery shopping includes brands that stand for the same cause. We’ve helped grow a community garden.

Do what you can to #GiveBack this holiday season. But remember others need help all year long. Choose a cause or two that you are passionate about and give them your attention for 2015.

This is in no way sponsored by #VZWBuzz but as a collective we are sharing our stories, efforts and organizations on how we want to #GiveBack this holiday season. Find inspiration from other members of the team.




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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    We give to our local food pantry all year, but definitely more this time of year.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful giving ideas! It’s always good to give and is something we have taught our children since they were little. Sharing this wonderful post!

  3. Good to bring a child a smile. We donate food also

  4. We donate to our local food bank throughout the year. This year I’ve also given coats to the church to hand out to families in need.

  5. We try to donate food whenever possible. Child hunger is such a prevalent issue.

  6. We try to donate in at least one way every holiday. In the past we have done the Secret Santa with our local DFACS office. This year, we did Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

  7. I tend to donate locally mostly. Canned goods are one of my favorite things to give.

  8. We donate to our local food pantry. There are more hungry people than you think in your area.

  9. I love what you guys are doing! The world needs more giving and less taking.

  10. Catherine S says:

    We help with our local food bank every year. Nobody should be hungry especially around the holidays.

  11. It feels so great to be able to give back to people! I definitely try to help out each year.

  12. We donate to our local food bank every month. When it is the holidays we donate turkeys to help some family’s with Christmas dinner.

  13. We donate food often during the year and clothes. During the holidays we also donate new and unwrapped toys. It’s the least we can do!

  14. We also give to the food bank year round, as well as other charities when we come across one and have extra funds to donate. It’s important for us to get our children into a charitable habit, so we started for them time they were tots and now giving back is second nature to them.

  15. I wish we could end child hunger for Christmas! We donate locally and internationally to kids in need. A small part!

  16. This is one of my favorite things about Christmas time! I love seeing people and communities come together and provide for children and families in need!

  17. We pay it forward and give back throughout the year. We also do what we can during the holidays – especially toys and hot meals. We may not have a lot to give, but we sure can do something small that will help.

  18. This is such an important lesson, for people to give back! The holidays are a great reason to do so!

  19. How amazing! We give back back by making food bags for the kids on the weekends. We also help out at our local food pantry.

  20. We always try to give back during Christmas and whenever we have the opportunity throughout the year. It is important!

  21. This is such a great time to give back. especially food to those in need

  22. I actually did a blog post on giving back and I know this is the “season” of giving, but I had to really step back and question why do people only focus around the holiday to be charitable. I want to do better in 2015 to genuinely give back locally in different forms…I always donate my clothes but I want to physically give back in various ways!

  23. We will be donating to our local children’s theatre, we give ever time we see the red kettle, I’ve done a couple of random acts of kindness, by paying for the cars behind me in drive-thrus. I’d like to do a couple more big things, though.

  24. We have been donating clothes to children in need. It’s so important to teach our kids to help others!

  25. We love to include the boys when we give back. The Operation Christmas Child box is a great one we participate with.

  26. Ashley says:

    We make cards for the local retirement home, so each one of them receives a Christmas card, as well as donate hats and gloves to those that need them.

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