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Shop Healthy Choices with ThriveMarket

Keeping your family healthy, happy and deliciously fed doesn’t have to be a struggle. With so many food options out there it’s no wonder lots of those choices are the wrong ones. My family LOVES to snack. Who am I kidding, I do too.  But there are better ways to snack without losing taste and quality. Thrive Market is your new answer.

Thrive Market is an online marketplace where you can find the very best natural and organic products at wholesale prices.  With over 2,500 of the highest-quality food, supplement, home, personal care, home good, and beauty products all focusing on bettering you, your family and your home.  Shop within the parameters that mean the most to you.

This means no label reading when trying to shop for new meal and snack ideas. This means shopping with confidence that your baby’s skin is going to be protected with a paraben, phthalate and synthetic ingredient free wash or lotion. This means the supplements that you are taking each day are working to build a better stronger body without sacrificing on quality and purity.  Each product is given a set of values that range from specifics about the ingredients, business or impact on the earth.  You’ll know instantly if each item is Nut-Free, Made in the USA, SLS Free, Fair Trade or Biodegradable or made from a Family Owned or Woman Owned Business.Shopping Healthy with Thrive Market

Shopping Healthy with Thrive Market

I was given a credit to shop and with all of the unique options it took me hours to spend $100. I chose items I knew we’d all like but also branched out and got  few surprises hoping for good results.

Shae is a freeze dried fruit fanatic. I received 4 bags and 1 was gone within the first day.  The Popcorn Indiana brand was amazing and I ate both bags by myself. I told the kids it was off limits, this was mom’s special popcorn.

I was also able to get Rob a Sriracha Mayo. He’s been using this on his sandwiches for work and even as a dip for fries. It’s spicy without being overwhelming like straight Sriracha.

I did find some prices to be equal or even a touch higher than my grocery store. I think with some more research and growth Thrive Market can really go against the big box stores with price.  They already have them beat with selection so that’s a step in the right direction. If anything it’s a great way to try something new like I did with this coconut oil. I’ve been seeing so much about the health benefits lately so instead of buying just any brand in the store I went with one that has already been vetted by Thrive Market.

I didn’t expect this to smell good enough to eat by the spoonful. #firsttimer

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Thrive Market is a membership shopping outlet. For the cost of $69.95 you’ll have access to thousands of health conscious items that normally aren’t at our fingertips at the typical grocery, warehouse and bargain retailers. Plus for every membership that is purchased Thrive Market gives one away to a low-income family so they can provide for their family they way they really want to, with smart, healthy, sustainable choices. Start shopping today with their free 30 day trial membership.  You have nothing to lose.

Healthy living should be easy, affordable and accessible to everyone. Thrive Market makes that happen.

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