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Getting Ready For That Summer Road Trip

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Road trips are awesome, family road trips are even better but making sure that you are fully ready for the road trip not so much fun.


My biggest problem is packing.  I dislike everything about packing because I never know what to pack so I either pack to much or I don’t pack enough. Example, I recently took a weekend trip to Michigan two weeks ago so I knew I only needed a carry on but that carry on was packed to the gills. Funny thing is after the weekend was over I realized I wore one pair of shorts and a few t-shirts and that was all.  However I packed jeans, dress shirts, sneakers, flip flops and the list goes on and on.

This past week my family surprised me with a trip down to Wildwood, NJ for Father’s Day which was totally awesome because I love the beach but again it required packing.  Learning from my mistake the prior week I only packed shorts and t-shirts and believe it or not I packed just the right amount of clothes.  Now this time Melinda and kids also needed to pack needless to say we had to break out the big suitcase because Melinda is an over packer for sure.  It doesn’t matter where we go she always packs to much because she is afraid she won’t have something.


This was for a weekend trip to the beach, LOL.

My other problem with road trips is I am very last minute in making sure we are 100% ready and that includes making sure our vehicles are ready for the road trip.  You would think I would take care of the little things like gas, fluids and oil but nope not me I wait till the last second and our trip to the beach was no different.



While looking over my car I realized it has been about 4k mile since it’s last oil change and of course I realized this a few hours before we were supposed to leave.  Problem is my normal place can take upwards of two hours depending on when I go so this time I stopped over at Walmart to their Tire and Lube center to get an oil change.  I have never been to Walmart for an oil change so I was pretty happy to see that they used Pennzoil which is what I typically use in both of my vehicles and I was quite happy to see that they offered three types of oil changes:

  • Conventional Motor Oil – A traditional oil base, fortified with Active Cleaning Agents™ to continuously prevent dirt and contaminants from creating performance-robbing deposits.
  • High Mileage Vehicle – Helps to reduce leaks and oil consumption in worn or higher mileage engines. It’s a motor oil that is specifically designed for new or late model vehicles with over 75,000 miles, to help keep the engines running clean and going strong for a long time.
  • Platinum (synthetic motor oil) – Best cleanliness and protection in the Pennzoil line-up. With PurePlus™ Technology, the Platinum® motor oil is proven to keep pistons up to 40% cleaner than the toughest industry standard. PurePlus™ Technology is a revolutionary process that converts natural gas into a 99.5% pure base oil.

My car has 185,000 miles on it so I got the High Mileage oil change like I typically do.  I am trying to make my baby last FORVER if possible, LOL.

After I handed my keys over to have my oil changed I realized two things, first thing was I can get the oil change and the second was I can pick up a few last minute items like a few cases of water, new bathing suit for me and some other odds and ends.  I must admit this is the first time going to Walmart for an oil change but I will go again just for the pure fact that I can knock out two things at once plus my car was done in under an hour.  Also, the technicans who worked in the Tire and Lube center were super nice and friendly which always make an experience that much better.

Thankfully the Walmart near me did oil changed and they saved me from a really long wait which I didn’t feel like dealing with because I just wanted to get to the beach and have a great Father’s Day weekend.


Another successful road trip!

If you like near a Walmart that offered oil changes check them out, they are awesome!


From June 10th – September 9th, Pennzoil oil changes will be on Rollback at Walmart Automotive Care Center stores.

  • High Mileage $35.88, compared to the regular Walmart price of $39.88. {Industry standard price is $46}
  • Platinum Full Synthetic $45.88, compared to the regular Walmart price of $49.88. {Industry standard price $66}

 Pennzoil Warranty: Pennzoil also offers a free warranty that covers 15 engine parts that may fail due to engine wear or which experience abnormal wear due to friction. (For more information, check out the Pennzoil Warranty Site.)

Are you like me and have problems packing for trips?  Or are you the opposite and considered a super packer?

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    We have a few road trips coming up this summer. I will make sure we get our oil changed first.

  2. We are going on a road trip in about 9 days. We are taking the car instead of our truck… trying to save on gas. Oh man… I need to learn to pack light.

  3. My husband gives our car a once over from top to bottom before every road trip. It’s a good idea to know what’s going on in your vehicle before an extended trip.

  4. Kristi says

    I love road trips… I used to be horrible at packing but over the years have gotten better. Making sure the vehicle and tires are in good shape is one of the most important things to do.

  5. Thanks for letting us know about the great sale going on! We need an oil change before our road trip here in a few weeks. Perfect timing!

  6. Tracey says

    We just got back from our first road trip. Wish I had known about this awesome sale!!

  7. Catherine S says

    My husband always gets the tires checked and the oil changed before we hit the road. He also does the packing. He says I am spatially challenged.

  8. This is the first summer we’re not going anywhere because our little girl is due any day! But yes, I agree that getting all those tune ups is so important before a big trip!

  9. I’m glad to see aren’t doing a road trip this summer. It’s a lot to take I’m and deal with these are some really great tips!

  10. I’ve been on a few solo road trips recently. I’d like to do some longer trips with my bf soon. I’ll definitely have to check up on my oil beforehand.

  11. Our summer road trip is Sunday! I first took the car in for service this week, now to stock up on food for the road!

  12. We will be taking a few road trips over the next few months and preparation is key. I believe I am due for an oil change and my husband always insists on synthetic oil, so I would like to take advantage of this great price.

  13. This is very important tips. I personally use Walmarts service centers to take care of my vehicle.

  14. Before we go on any trip I like to take the car in for an oil change and/or a tire check. You never want to be on the road and have something go wrong with your car.

  15. Debbie Denny says

    Getting your vehicle ready for a road trip is important. Makes for a safer start

  16. An oil change is on my agenda before our next road trip. You don’t realize how many thousands of miles you acquire driving back and forth from school activities.

  17. Terri S. says

    Our relatives live in different states and we do a few road trips each year to see them. Hubby keeps a book on all the maintenance he does for our vehicles. So, he checks everything thoroughly before each trip. I learned a long time ago that I overpack. My trick is to go through each bag and take out 1/2 of the clothes I had originally packed. This really works for me. Someone also showed me how to roll clothing instead of folding – this takes up less space and clothing doesn’t get wrinkled.

  18. Good Tires are so important. We are heading out next Tuesday – yesterday hubby had our tires rotated and balanced for our road trip.

  19. This reminds me…it’s time to take our car in and make sure everything is in working order for our summer trips.

  20. Great tips. Also an awesome reminder that I need to get an oil change myself!

  21. Oh these are great ways to get ready, I just did my oil change in my vehicle. Was WAY over due, bad me. I have used this oil before too, pretty awesome stuff! Glad you are able to get out and enjoy some family time!

  22. Funny you should blog about roadtrips as my friends and I are getting ready for one this weekend! One Day trip to Destin!!!

  23. I’m a notorious over packer. Even for an overnight trip. I feel like I need to be prepared for any situation. I mean you really never know. 🙂

  24. We are going on a road trip this summer. The first thing we will do is get the car checked out.You can’t be too safe when there are little ones involved!

  25. Great tips! Summer roadtrips are the best. Thanks for sharing the rollback info on Pennzoil, too! #client

  26. Perfect timing. Thanks for sharing this, Melinda! Here’s wishing every one a safe and happy summer!

  27. Love these summer traveling tips! I need to get my car checked up too.

  28. I definitely wait to the last minute to pack. We are heading out on a road trip this coming Sunday. I plan to pack, maybe Friday. lol

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