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Creative Photo Crafts for Kids

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The holiday season is officially here and with it comes presents, cold weather and cabin fever. A great way to conquer all three is to have some crafts ready to go for your kids. Let your kids get in touch with their creative side by doing any of these photo crafts.

1.)  Photo Ornaments. The best ornaments are always the homemade ones. Get your kids involved by creating photo ornaments. Have each child pick out their favorite picture, a clear globe ornament and a decorative ribbon. Simply put the photo inside the ornament and tie the ribbon to the hook to give it a little more style. If your kids want to show off a bit of their creative side they can decorate the ornament with glitter, stickers, puff paint or metallic sharpies.

2.)  Self-Portrait. Real photos are not always the only option. Let your kids show off their own creativity by having them create a self-portrait. You can find some quality paper and colored pencils and give them free range with the portrait. To make it a little more special, use a Frameology frame to display the portrait. A nice, quality frame will let your kids feel proud of showcasing their work.

3.)  Photo Blocks. When your kids get older, their toys are no longer their most prized possessions. If you want to let your kids keep some of their older toys, but make them a little more “grown-up” have them create photo blocks. Grab their old wooden blocks and a bunch of different photos. Select 2-4 photos for each block, leaving at least 2 sides empty. Mod Podge the photos onto the block by putting a layer down first, attaching the photo and topping it off with a few more layers of Mod Podge. To make it even more creative, have the photos correspond with the letters and numbers that are left open on the blocks.

4.)  Holiday Cards. Gifts that come directly from kids are always the most treasured. They are usually simple, but always come from the heart. If you want your kids to give a personal gift to their grandparents or anyone else on your list make it even more personal with holiday photo cards. No need to purchase cards online, homemade ones are an even better choice. Take a picture of the kids in holiday attire and attach the photo to folded cardstock. Let the kids write a note or draw a picture inside the card that is personalized for each recipient.

5.)  Scrapbook. A scrapbook is a great way to capture all of the memories that you develop over the years. It is also an excellent way to spend time with your kids. Having a theme for either each scrapbook or for each page in the scrapbook is a good way to help your kids – and yourself – remember all of the memories that you have had. Grab the kids, grab your photos, grab some craft supplies and get scrapbooking.

Getting your kids involved in crafts and home decor will allow them to get in touch with their creative side. They will learn new things and use their imagination to create their own masterpi

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