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Five Tips for Choosing a Bridesmaid’s Dress

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affair-1238433_640Collectively, the bridesmaids are the second most important group of females at any wedding ceremony. As much as the world revolves around the bride, there is a fair and sometimes unfair share of attraction that is enjoyed by the bridesmaids. Yes, unfair sometimes, because, the bridesmaids’ status as being unmarried singles sends the level of attention and attraction sky-rocketing. Well, we wouldn’t give too many glances to the bride, apart from the legal and allowed ‘oh, she’s pretty’. You take your compliments too far, and you get a growling look from the new man in charge.

So, most of the attention is on the bride, while the bridesmaids also get some. They are pretty and most times single. How do we pick dresses for them that would just be perfect? Here are some factors, we could look at.

Have an Inspiration Board

The first thing you need to do is search. Then, create what we like to call an Inspiration Board. Save pictures from magazines and catalogs and paste them on your inspiration board. Similarly, you need to have an online Inspiration Board, where you can save images you get online. Start off by doing some research. Visit wedding sites, where you can browse thousands of gowns, bookmark your favorites, save them, and share them with your friends. The reason you’re sharing with friends is so that you can discuss them and get their opinions. Then find stores in your area that make such dresses. You could schedule a visit to go check their showroom and see what they have in stock.


Can we throw style out the window? The style matters a whole lot. The style must be in tune with progressive and forward thinking mentalities. You can’t be having a wedding in 2016 and your bridesmaid is wearing clothes from the eighties. The style needs to be fresh, trendy and fair to look upon. This is one aspect we must never get it wrong. We actually suggest that you hold a meeting with the bridesmaid and deliberate on what style should be adopted. Yes, it’s a serious business. Treat is as such.

Wedding theme

Some weddings are themed. A wedding or party ‘theme’, is simply a certain style choice for your day that you then reflect in your choice of invitations, dress code, decorations, music, and all. You might choose something like a particular subject as a theme, (maybe football, butterflies or chocolate), or a color theme, (like pink, black and white or rainbow colors for example), a wedding theme will create a unique style and mood for your celebrations and the choice of theme is entirely up to you. If you have a theme for your wedding or intend to have one, then your bridesmaids’ dresses shouldn’t be far from the general idea. It is important that their dresses go in line with the general theme. Here, you also have to be very careful, you don’t want your bridesmaids looking like a clown. They should rock the theme in a beautiful but subtle manner.

Dress fittings

When picking the dress for the bridesmaids, the fittings are highly essential. You must make sure that the dresses are perfect for them. Here, there is an important balance to make. The balance should be between what the bridesmaids are comfortable with and what you would love her to wear. The dress fitting is also a function of the maids’ tastes too. It wouldn’t be so good to force someone to wear a body hugging gown when the person is much more comfortable with loose fitting clothes. The balance needs to be made and it needs to be made in love and friendly reasoning.


Yes, we can’t just give you all these wonderful tips without telling you to be watchful about your purse and how you spend. It is important to always work with a budget. The truth is that in most weddings, the bridesmaids pay for their dresses, but, it is necessary that when it comes to price, you need to try to be considerate of your friend’s pocket. If you feel your wedding might be a financial burden for your bridesmaids, just emphasize your search on dresses that are more affordable. Another thing that could be done is to select a color and a style and let them just pick up their own clothes.

There are several online stores where you can pick affordable and beautiful bridesmaid dresses such as azazie.com. This is a favorite because you can order some sample dresses and try at home before making your final order.

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