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Getting a Ride: Road Rules and Responsibilities Kids Need to Know

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It’s estimated that parents drive a colossal 27,000 miles just giving their children lifts. Often, to save time and fuel, many parents with kids attending the same school/club will often share lifts, meaning many children and teenagers are often receiving lifts off adults who aren’t their parents.

No matter what the vehicle and no matter who’s driving, there are still vital safety precautions to be aware of when taking a ride in a vehicle. Many kids these days will opt for rides over cycling or walking, simply because it’s quicker, and will find themselves getting into a vehicle at least once a day. So, if riding the school bus or jumping in your mom’s car is something you do on a daily basis, check out the tips below to make sure you’re as safe and secure as possible!

Wear a seatbelt at all times

Whilst it’s often considered common sense to wear a seatbelt in a vehicle, you’d be surprised to know how many people don’t bother. In fact, 1 in 7 people still don’t buckle up their seatbelt – a shocking figure when over 90 people are killed in car crashes every single day.

So, to keep you strapped in and as safe as possible in the unlikely event of an accident, make sure securing your seatbelt is the first thing you do when you get into any vehicle (not just your mom’s!). If you have younger sibling who are unable to sort their own seatbelt, make sure you help them too after you’ve secured yours.

Sit in the back  

Even if the front seat is available, always sit in the back as it’s statistically proven to be the safer than the front. It’s illegal for children under 12 to be sat in the front seat anyway but, if you’re older and free to choose, still opt for the back as it will significantly reduce your chance of hitting something hard if an accident occurs.

If you’re lucky enough to be riding in a spacious vehicle like a Chrysler 200, riding in the back will be roomy and comfortable. However, if you’re faced with a smaller vehicle, it’s important to prioritize and realize that safety should always come above comfort.

Follow instructions

If you ride the bus to school every day, it’s likely your bus will have rules and regulations you need to follow. Whilst you may want to have fun during the ride and sit with your friends, it’s important to listen to the driver at all times – even if they tell you to sit somewhere or do something you don’t particularly want to! Rules are there for your protection and safety, so it’s vital you take them seriously.

Getting rides is becoming increasingly common over walking or cycling, meaning you need to take safety precautions into account whilst in a moving vehicle. The above tips are so simple they’ll soon become habit the more often you do them, increasing safety without you even realizing!

Josh Brady is a work from home dad. He enjoys sharing his parenting tips an ideas online and his articles mainly appear on family and lifestyle sites.

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