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Perfect Parents: What They Know and What You Can Learn

We all know that nobody’s perfect, and that the best we can aim for is to be as close as possible. But when it comes to parenting, it always feels a little different. Although objectively we know we’ll make mistakes here and there, we still strive for perfection. Our kids count on us, so nothing short of that will be good enough.Perfect Parents: What They Know and What You Can Learn

The key point to remember is that being “the perfect parent,” if it has any meaning at all, doesn’t mean never making mistakes. The perfect parent is still fallible. We are the role models our kids most look up to. Even if you did manage the full 100%, that’s an impossible model for any child to seek to emulate.

Hitting parenting out of the park means coming through when it matters. Getting the big moments right. As much as anything, it is about being someone who shows every day how much you care. Showing your kids by example what is crucial in life is the best thing you can do for them.Perfect Parents: What They Know and What You Can Learn

The Perfect Parent Knows What They Don’t Know

It’s not just with our kids, but with anyone we want to respect and admire us, but sometimes we try to hide a lack of knowledge. It’s there from an early stage. If a younger sibling asks us a question, we don’t want to admit not knowing the answer. Sometimes we end up guessing or making something up so as not to shake their worldview.

With your kids, that pressure to “know” becomes greater. At some stage in your childhood, you assumed your parents knew everything because that was how the world worked. But actually, showing your child that you don’t serves a double purpose.

First, it’s a chance to demonstrate that you’re human and fallible. Second, you can learn something yourself and show your child how that works. So if they ask something you can’t answer yourself, say so. Say “You know what, I’m not sure. Let’s find out!”. And thank God for Google.Perfect Parents: What They Know and What You Can Learn

The Perfect Parent Knows Where To Look For Help

Your child’s birthday is the perfect time to show how much you care and push the boat out for your little one. Planning a party is one thing, pulling it all together is quite another. There is a lot to get right, and doing it all yourself might be impossible.

All the things that need to be done right for a birthday party? It takes long enough to get them down on paper. Actually doing them may just take more hours than you’re ever going to have available. So you call on help from the experts.Perfect Parents: What They Know and What You Can Learn

You may take on all the planning, although getting help from friends and family is fine too. You may do as much of the literal work as you can. But maybe baking isn’t your strong point. Fine – focus on the food you know you’re good at and look at the likes of Walmart cakes instead. You can put a party playlist together. If you’re not a whiz with electrics, ask someone who is to wire the speakers to play it through the house.

The Perfect Parent Knows There Are Ups And Downs 

As a parent, you are the one your child looks to when they need answers or help. At a younger age, our kids have no reason to doubt us because to them we seem wise, powerful and strong. We may not feel like we are any of those things ourselves, but we keep up the image so our kids don’t lose confidence.Perfect Parents: What They Know and What You Can Learn

At some point, that image will become cracked. The lessons we teach, the hobbies we encourage and the authority we hold can come into question when our kids realize we’re only human. “If Mom was wrong about this one thing, how do I know she’s right about anything else?” is how a child’s thoughts may go.

As a youngster, you went through this yourself. You came out the other side still loving and respecting your parents. You still looked to them for guidance and probably still do even now. Maybe more so now you’re a parent yourself.

Perfect Parents: What They Know and What You Can Learn

It’s important to accept that at some point your child’s faith in you may be shaken. And to show at that stage that you may not be perfect, but you will always love them and be looking out for them. That, in the end, is a parent’s role. If you can see them through the tricky times, hit specialout of the park and always be honest with them, then congratulations! That is what makes the perfect parent.