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Taking More Vacations With a Timeshare

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Many people have heard of timeshares, but there are a lot of misunderstandings as to what a timeshare exactly is and why it can be a good vacation option. A timeshare is a unique arrangement where an exclusive group of people is able to share access to a property. It’s a type of ownership, but each owner has a limited stay at the property.

A timeshare property could be a vacation home or condo in a luxury resort – there are a variety of accommodations. Another common misconception that’s far from true is a timeshare means you have to take the same vacation year after year. If you choose the right timeshare you can spend your free time anywhere in the country from vacationing in southern California to beaching it in Florida.

Look for Timeshare Companies with Lots of Options

There’s an easy way to expand your timeshare vacation options. Select a company that has properties in numerous locations. For example, a Welk timeshare will give you access to accommodations in San Diego, Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs, Branson, and Mexico. The more properties a timeshare operator manages the more destinations you can explore.

Choose the Right Type of Timeshare

Another consideration to keep in mind when you’re comparing timeshares is the type of agreement you have. There are four primary types of timeshare plans:

Right-to-Use – With this type of timeshare you are given a set amount of time to stay at a property or properties each year for a set amount of years. However, the developer maintains and owns the property. Right-to-use timeshares offer a lot of flexibility and affordability.

Fixed Week – A timeshare that’s fixed week means that you have ownership of a property for one week out of the year. Sometimes it is the same week year after year, which can be beneficial for people who can only take vacations at a specific time of year.

Floating – In this arrangement the timeshare owner can select a time within a certain period. It can be more flexible than a fixed week timeshare, but you’ll have to plan ahead if you can for a week during a busy season.

Points Club – A points club timeshare is similar to a floating timeshare, but you can stay at numerous locales depending on the number of timeshare points a person purchases. Reservations are typically made on a first come, first served basis.

As you can see there are a number of choices that can affect when, where and how you access a timeshare. These choices will determine how much flexibility you have so make sure you compare all of your options carefully.

Get the Most Out of Your of Timeshare Vacation

In addition to picking from of multiple vacation destinations and plans, there are a few more ways to get the most out of a timeshare vacation.

Save Time on Your Vacation Planning

With a timeshare, one of the major vacation concerns is taken care of – where to stay. Some timeshare resorts are all-inclusive or offer additional entertainment, which makes it even easier to plan a fun-filled, relaxing vacation.

Get to Know the Developers and Other Owners

It may be possible to switch dates or locations with other owners. Get to know as many other owners as you can and exchange information while you’re on vacation. It’s also a good idea to get to know the development team if you opt for a right-to-use timeshare.

Check to See If You Can Rent Out Your Timeshare

Sometimes life gets in the way of the best-laid plans. Check the contract to see if it’s possible to rent out your timeshare if you can’t use it. If you can’t rent it out, you might still be able to let friends or family stay in your place.

Track Your Vacation Patterns Before You Get a Timeshare

Take a look at the last five years. Do you notice patterns in your vacations? Are they always at the same time of year or the same type of location? Let these trends guide your timeshare decisions.

See What Else You Can Use Timeshare Points For

It may be possible to use your timeshare points for things outside of your vacation rental. Some companies allow you to trade your points for hotels stays or airplane tickets.

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