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Why it’s OK to Skip Spring Break this Year

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Reading Books

Spring Break is on the minds of many students this time of year.  They are just days away from one of the high-points in the school year on college campuses across the country.  While we often think of wild parties and out of control drinking sprees, many students use this time to study, do community service, or just stay on campus and enjoy the solitude.  Many don’t have the financial resources to take trips far away from campus to places like Cancun, or Panama City in Florida, but they can take in the local sights and save money that will come in handy later.  Many want to catch up on reading, and find eFollett a great source on campus for new books and novels to read.  And now, with an efollett coupon from Groupon, Spring Break reading can be convenient and affordable. Students who have an eFollett bookstore on campus know they offer a wide selection of textbooks for sale, and for rent.  And they’ve probably made note of some of the popular titles and classics in stock as well.  Spring Break would be an ideal time to spend hunkered down with a good book – when you’re not sleeping in.

Many students regret taking time away from campus for Spring Break.  Not only is it expensive, but you tend to lose focus, spend way too much money and find yourself in a crowded situation that will leave you worn out and behind on those papers and studies you swore you’d do..  Plus you might have to put up with emotional outbursts from your “friends” and come back to campus stressed out with less time to get ready for the rest of the semester than before.  Don’t follow the crowd this year unless they’re heading to the bookstore.  When you get there, be sure to purchase a selection of good reads with a Groupon and keep the rest of your money in your pocket.  Besides, at the end of the school year, eFollett will buy back your books and offer free shipping.  That’s a deal that’s gonna put money in your pocket which is great because soon enough, you’ll need it to pay off those student loans.

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