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5 Things to Know About Parent-Child Relationships

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The relationship between a parent and a child is different from all other relations and is unique. The kind of bond that a parent shares with his or her child is unmatched in love, care and affection. There may be a difference in the way a child bonds with his father and mother but the basis of the relationship is always the same. The never ending love and care of parents for their children forms the strong basic foundation of their pure relationship. The role of a parent is very critical for a child’s development both physically and mentally. The emotional and mental support that the child gets from the parents since the very beginning of his life shapes his future personality and tough process. Here are 5 things that one should be aware of regarding parent-child relationships.

1) Creating a positive atmosphere around your child is very important for his mental health. The warmth and the control that a parent could provide to his children is something that he cannot find anywhere else. For sound mental development of the children it is necessary to instill in them the power to control their emotions and temperament. This is affected strongly by parental upbringing and sensitivity.

2) There is a difference between the childrearing capabilities of a mother and a father that leads to unique relationship qualities of both of them. It is important that both mother and father play their role equally well and contribute for good well being of their child. A child should be comfortable and should be able to relate himself equally well with both paternal and maternal caring and support.

3) Emotions are an important part of child’s development process. The way a child behaves emotionally in various situations and the way he sees the emotions of his parents around him affects his overall thought process. It is the core of child’s development as a strong individual later in his life. Hence the regulation of child-parent emotions is very critical.

4) A good relationship between the parents themselves is very important for creating a positive impact on the child’s mind. Hostility of parents towards each other or strained relationships could adversely impact the child both mentally and emotionally.

5) The relationship between a father and a daughter can be far more protected at the beginning whereas the father-son relation is more likely to be affected by the effects of parental hostility. The social factors surrounding maternal caring influences infant development since the very beginning.

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