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Home Organization’s Best Friend: Storage Vaults

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Storage Vault

But wait, isn’t the whole premise of home organizing being able to store your possessions in your house as neatly and space-efficiently as possible? You wouldn’t be wrong if you championed that premise. And a lot of times, you’re going to want to avoid investing in a storage unit because #frugalmom.

But you’ll be surprised at how much stress a storage vault can actually get off of your shoulders. For one, you’re not going to have to painstakingly try to fit all your things in your house the way you would a 10 thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle. And then there’s the option to move your possessions between your home and your storage unit as you deem fit.

But these aren’t the only ways that investing in a storage vault helps you keep your home organized. With a bit of creativity and practicality, you can make the most of your storage vault.

As we’ve previously surmised, a storage vault allows you to move your possessions on a whim. This may sound more whimsical than practical, until you factor in the seasons of the year. Take clothes and curtains for instance — each season has a corresponding set of clothes and decorations. You could store your winter clothes in your unit during summer and vice versa.

This isn’t limited to clothing and decorations. Basically any item that you use for a specific season of the year can be stored in your unit when it isn’t needed. This means that your home has more living space than storage space. And this also gives a better overall space to organize because you aren’t tripping over storage boxes that would otherwise be lying around all year.

But this isn’t a pill for every ill. You have to consider that there are limits to what you can do with a storage unit. For one, you can’t store anything that would pose any potential harm to the public, including firearms and chemicals. Illicit substances are also forbidden — this might as well go without saying.

It’s also important to note that a storage unit should be treated more as a supplement to the solution of a problem, not the solution itself. Nothing beats hands-on home organization. And if you’re simply going to dump your things into your unit, then you’re simply sweeping dust under the rug.

Self-control is also imperative when you’re renting a storage vault. Some people have the unhealthy habit of hoarding. The inability to determine things that aren’t important from those that are — and to dispose of the unimportant things — is a serious problem which can also lead to mental health risks.

But that’s about the extent of the minimal risks of using a storage unit. It’s really more of a matter of self-discipline and foresight. And once you’re able to get over these risks, you’ll find that you’re able to free up so much more space than you would have thought possible.

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