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More Than Moving Boxes – Creating a Moving House Checklist

Moving house checklist

Did you know that moving house is a very stressful time? There is just so much to do that has to be juggled between work, study, raising kids, pets and all the other responsibilities of life. It’s no wonder that everyone says they hate moving. But it has to be done sometimes – either at the end of a lease or when you’ve just bought a new place. It doesn’t have to be really difficult though – that’s why we’ve prepared a handy and helpful moving house checklist. Just check off these as you go and you’ll be ready to move in no time.

Get Your Boxes Early

There’s nothing worse than scrambling for moving boxes at the last minute. You can buy or hire boxes at plenty of places online or in store. It can pay to have a look on sites like Gumtree or Facebook marketplace too, as people who have just moved are often keen to get rid of their boxes. After you move, you’ll never want to see another brown cardboard box again.

Packing Tape

Boxes are useless without packing tape. Grab some packing tape and a tape gun so your goods and belongings stay safe and secure in their boxes.

Utility Disconnection and Connection

Plan ahead when it comes to connecting your water, gas, phone, power and internet. You don’t want to move into a new place without any of these, especially water, gas and power! When you have your move date locked in get on the phone to all your providers and arrange for a disconnection and the new connection. Also, while you do this it may pay to shop around for a better offer. There are plenty of comparison sites where you can peruse the market. Once you’ve found a great offer contact your current provider, they may be able to match or beat it to keep you as a customer.

Hire Your Removalists…or Truck

Now it’s time to look around for some professional removalists. They’re worth the money, as they’ll do all the heavy lifting for you and they will pop all your furniture exactly where you want it. There’s heaps of good choices but Man with a Van are a great one. They give you a very accurate quote and always try to keep it within time. If you can’t afford removalists then check out hiring a van or truck yourself. This may save you money but you’ll pay for it in other ways because you’re doing all the lifting, shifting and bending and twisting yourself.

Enlist Some Help

Moving house is no small chore, and it may be time to call in some favours. Ask your good friends, family and colleagues and see who is able to help you. You can offer pizza or takeaway as an incentive. Many hands make light work after all. Just know that when it comes their time to move you may be expected to help as well.

To Conclude

Moving house is a stressful time, but breaking it down step by step makes it easy. Grab some boxes, either brand new or from an online marketplace. Don’t forget to buy some tape and a tape gun as well to help you pack. Arrange your utilities for the new property, and shop around for a better offer. Hire local removalist for the heavy lifting, or hire a truck or van if you’re doing it yourself. Finally, ask friends and family to help you out. The whole process will take a few weeks but at the end of it all you’ll be ready to relax in your brand new home.