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6 practical things to include in your child’s bedroom makeover

It’s a lovely feeling to create your child’s first bedroom. But at some point they grow out of their toddler phase and it becomes necessary to look at giving the room a makeover. Of course, you’ll want a practical space that can be modified as they grow up.  However, it can be a struggle to work out what to include.  

Here are six practical things you might want to include.

Decorating a practical bedroom

Suitable flooring

Look for a good floor that will stand the test of time, be easy to clean, and not date too quickly.  Compare the cost of laminate flooring, vinyl flooring or an engineered wood flooring so see which will offer the best value and durability.

Space-saving bed

From bunk beds, to beds with cupboards and desks underneath, there’s a wealth of clever options to help you save space and provide that much-needed storage.  A bed with storage and desk space could give you the best of both worlds and will hopefully last them through much of their schooldays.

Night light

Children have always struggled with the dark, so installing a night light is a good idea.  This will provide some comfort to your child, and if you choose one in the shape of an animal it can add a fun bit of decoration to the room.  Many are battery or USB powered and don’t require much energy.

Somewhere to sit

It’s nice to provide a quiet place to sit in the bedroom. Whether you have lots of space or not, there’s a seating option to fit. Padded storage benches, chair-beds, beanbags, soft seating cubes, and large floor cushions are all great options.

Wall stickers

Decorating with wall stickers is a fun and adaptable way to decorate a kid’s bedroom.  They’re easy to stick on the wall and peel off again when they become shabby or your child has got bored with them. Stickers come in various shapes and sizes, so you should find something to suit your child’s tastes.

A clock

It’s a nice idea to include a clock in the bedroom.  A pretty wall clock when they’re young to help them learn the time, and a simple alarm clock when they’re getting older.  This will help them keep a good routine.

And that’s it!  Let us know what practical ideas you’ve found useful in your child’s bedroom!