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How Often Should Your Children See a Dentist?

Your child’s oral health is as important as yours. If you want to make sure that your kid is healthy and want to eliminate unnecessary problems in the future, you have to take care of their health. One of the best ways to ensure their overall health is to consider a regular visit to the dentist.

For some parents, visiting the dentist should be discussed thoroughly with their children. This is especially important when the kid has a trauma with some of the tools used by the dentist. But no matter what, you have to let your children understand the importance of seeing the dentist. But how often should kids see a children’s dentist? This is the question that will be answered in the following parts of this article.

The First Baby Tooth

One of the most significant events when your child finally has his or her first tooth is a visit to the dentist. It is recommended that kids who are a year old should pay a visit to the clinic for their first dental examination. Sure, it’s true that the baby teeth will eventually come loose and be replaced by permanent teeth. However, it is with utmost importance to ensure that no problems will be experienced by your child in this stage.

The primary reason why the dentist would love to see your kids when the first tooth finally shows up is to check on their oral hygiene. Necessary activities will also be done, such as teaching the kid how they should brush their teeth properly.

Scheduling Dentist Visit Every 6 Months

It is generally recommended that young ones should visit the dentist every 6 months. This is because crucial dental care activities must be done to maintain their oral health. They need to have regular fluoride treatment and a good cleaning. Aside from that, they also need a dental exam.

Even if during the check-up your children’s oral health is perfectly fine, you still need to consider this regular visit with the dentist in Gray lake.  You should not let a whole 12 months pass by without getting your child’s teeth checked. This way, you will be able to know if there are some hidden cavities, inflammation, and tooth decay that should be treated.

Signs of Early Tooth Decay

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research mentioned how 42% of children who are between 2-11 years old experience dental cavities with their baby teeth. This makes tooth decay a common problem among children. A regular dental check-up is a great prevention method in regards to the formation of cavities and tooth decay 

There are different signs that your child is experiencing tooth decay. The most common one is a toothache. If the toothache is severe, go to an emergency dental clinic right away. Aside from that, they may also experience teeth and gum sensitivity. On the tooth’s surface, you can also see some brown, white, or black stains. And finally, bad breath and bleeding gums can also be a symptom of such. If your child is experiencing these, you certainly need to bring him or her to the dentist.

When They Get Their Permanent Molars

What are molars? These are those important flat teeth you will find in the back part of the mouth. At around six years old, your kid will have his or her molar appearance. At 12, this is the time when the second molars will erupt. The molars are very important not only to a young child but also to full-grown adults. The reason being is that they are the teeth responsible for the all-important chewing.

It is imperative to have these teeth checked because of their characteristics. Since molars are rough and they have an uneven surface, bacteria and food particles may get trapped. Aside from that, the area where they are may also be hard to reach when brushing. So, if you want to lessen the risk of getting cavities, your child’s teeth must get checked regularly for this.

Help Your Child Establish Good Dental Health

Visiting the dentist is a good practice that children must learn and remember while they are still young. This is as important as teaching them to brush their teeth regularly. Your children need to establish at a young age that their oral health is very important. This is also the reason why you need to make it a part of their regular activities to protect their oral health.

Is It Necessary to Have Dental X-ray During Each Visit?

Dental x-rays are safe to use, and they play an important role in knowing if there are some hidden cavities. During a visual inspection, there are some issues that may not be easy to see. This is the reason why dental x-rays are done. However, there are some parents who are afraid that their children may be exposed to radiation whenever they undergo a dental x-ray. It should be noted that dentists normally use lead aprons. Aside from that, digital x-rays, which are usually being used in dental clinics, are very easy to use, and there is lesser exposure to radiation as compared to the traditional ones.

Aside from visiting the dentist, there are other things that your children must be able to learn. Their diet is one thing that can affect their health. It is sometimes tough to let children understand the adverse effects of eating candy and other sweet food. However, you have to start educating them about this if you want to ensure that they will not be experiencing problems with their permanent teeth.

Sometimes, the things that are not so easy to explain to children in regards to dental care, can be elaborated on by the dentist. You will undoubtedly feel glad when your children start to ask questions when you visit the pediatric dentist. Aside from the fact that you are saved from explaining, it is sometimes easier for them to understand it from the experts. For sure, your pediatric dentist is so much more knowledgeable in explaining teeth issues and procedures to children. This is certainly one of the best reasons why you should regularly visit the dentist.

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