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Tips for Parents Helping Children Learn Reading and Math at Home

The Coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for individuals, families, and small businesses everywhere. Many children have been taken out of school, transitioning to learning virtually. Even though it is important for everyone to do what they can to keep their loved ones, neighbors, and local communities safe, virtual learning has been difficult for children and parents. It has been a new challenge to which everyone has had to adjust. It has been particularly difficult for children who historically struggle with math and reading. What are several tips that parents can follow to help their children learn reading and math at home? Here are some important points that parents should keep in mind.

Patience Is Key When Helping Kids Learn from Home

One of the most important points that parents have to keep in mind is that patience is an incredible virtue during this time. Everyone is going to have trouble when they are forced to do everything from home. Without the ability to change scenery, parents and children are going to get frustrated. Sometimes, they may take this frustration out on each other.

Parents have to remember to be patient. Their kids are going through hard times. Just because parents may have learned reading and math easily as children doesn’t mean their kids will learn it as easily. If parents are able to stay patient, their kids will relax, making it easier for them to focus on their school work. 

Try To Develop a Schedule for Kids Learning From Home

Next, it is also critical for parents to develop a schedule for kids who are learning from home. Kids like routine. Parents need to try to give this to them. This will make it easier for kids to focus on their school work. If parents can keep their kids on schedule, they will have an easier time with their lessons.

Practice What You Preach and Lead By Example

Parents should lead by example. If they would like their kids to focus on their schoolwork, they should try to read to them, work on problems with them, and show their kids how it’s done. If parents can lead by example, they will place their kids in the best position possible to be successful moving forward. If the kids do not see the parents helping them with their schoolwork, they may feel less motivated to do it themselves. 

Invest in Additional Tools That Can Help Children Learn Reading and Math

Finally, there are additional tools parents can use that can help children who are struggling with reading and math. Every student learns differently. Therefore, parents should explore different tools, allowing their kids to try different ways of learning the same concept. Some kids are visual learners. Other kids might be auditory learners. Some kids prefer to learn by touching things. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available for children who are having trouble with reading and math. Parents may want to explore resources such as i-Ready math and reading, as i-Ready math can be helpful for children.

Help Children Learn Reading and Math at Home

These are a few of the most important points that parents should keep in mind if they are trying to help their children learn reading and math at home. Even though it can be difficult for children to learn reading and math, particularly when there is not a trained teacher next to them, there are plenty of steps that parents can take to help their children better learn reading and math. Finally, parents should not hesitate to reach out to their kids’ teachers for assistance. That way, they can explore every resource available to help their kids.