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Flying out for a Holiday With a Baby? Travel Stroller to Your Rescue

The time has finally come; get your travel bags out and head for a vacation! After being locked inside homes for almost two years now, the borders are opening up for tourists. And I am sure all the parents with their little ones are looking forward to escaping the mundane routine and relaxing, explore and just enjoying on a trip.

While you need to make proper preparations before you travel with your child, allow me to tell you, as a mother of 4 kids, about the two most essential items that you will need to ease your travel to a great extent; especially if you have infants or children up to 1.5 years. I am talking about Travel Strollers and Portable Travel Cribs.

In this article, I will discuss travel strollers and tell you how you can make your air travel much more comfortable with it—further sharing a few tips first-hand tips on how to pick the right travel stroller for your child.

Remember This While Flying With a Travel Stroller

We all are very aware that air travel with a child needs a little more planning and alertness. These pointers may help:

If you check your child’s stroller along with your luggage, then keep in mind that if it is a traditional, bulky stroller, then checking it with your luggage is the only option. So pack it up properly, and do not forget to put a ‘fragile’ tag on it.

Also, check with the airline you are traveling with if they include a stroller in the baggage limit. Though most airlines do not include it, it is best to check with them anyway.

To be honest, I was unable to find any pros for this personally, so here are the cons:

  • You may have to carry your child all along till you collect your luggage at the destination.
  • There are chances that even with the ‘fragile’ tag, the stroller could get damaged as there is no guarantee of how the baggage is handled.
  • To wait for the stroller at the baggage counter can be a pain, especially on really long journeys.

   Gate check-in with travel stroller. Many parents choose the gate check-in option so that they will be able to use the travel stroller till they almost board the airplane.

Here, remember to tag the stroller at security and collect it at the gate when you land. Most parents forget this part and wind up walking out while carrying their child after a long flight.


  • Convenient & hassle-free
  • Chances of the stroller getting damaged if gate checked-in is comparatively low
  • Collection of the stroller is at the off-loading area as soon as you land, which is convenient as compared to waiting at the baggage counter.


  • The procedure can cause a delay in case you have a connecting flight. At times, the gate checked-in luggage takes time which can cause delays.

 Use the overhead storage area in the airplane. Most travel strollers today are foldable and compact, so many parents choose to carry them in the plane and set it in the overhead storage area. In fact, today, you get 2-3 fold travel strollers in the market that can get compact enough to fit in a backpack. They also have carrying straps.

However, do remember to check with the airlines’ terms & conditions for hand luggage or carry-on luggage in the cabin if you want to use the overhead storage area for the travel stroller.

A helpful suggestion here is – Fold and put the stroller in the bag before you enter the airplane to avoid inconvenience to other passengers.


  • With this option, you have the travel stroller with you at all times, and this helps you make the most of it, using it when you need it the most.
  • Extremely convenient
  • Allows you to enjoy your travel hands-free as much as you can
  • With connecting flights or flight changes, you do not have to worry about any delay because of the stroller. In fact, it can expedite the process as you won’t have to slow down carrying your baby.


  • Folding some kinds of travel strollers can be challenging within the airline. This, however, can be solved by folding the stroller before you enter the cabin.

Before Buying a Travel Stroller, Consider These few Pointers

  • Weight

Though an obvious point, sometimes some features in a stroller may take your mind off this very important point. The purpose of a travel stroller is to avoid carrying your child. However, if you ignore the weight of a travel stroller itself, it might just add to the load in some inconvenient situations. So a lightweight travel stroller should be one of the most important points to consider.

  • Ease of packing and storing

A good travel stroller should be easy to manage, carry and store when you are traveling. Keeping this in mind, manufacturers have come out with various types of travel strollers that can be folded into a compact size and stored in small spaces.

  • Size of Canopy

If you intend to spend more time outdoors during your trip, then the size of the travel stroller’s canopy will matter. You do not want your child to be uncomfortable because of the sun or in any other way when you are out exploring places. You also get fixable external canopies to attach to the travel stroller.

  • Adjustable seats

Adjustable seats are a must if your child gets sleepy in the stroller. After all, the travel stroller should first and foremost be comfortable for the child.

  • Built-in straps and/or carry case

This one is for your convenience! Travel strollers should be easy to carry. Therefore most of them now come with built-in straps or carry-on backpacks. This is extremely handy when you are traveling.

  • Safety harness

This point may come towards the end, but it is definitely important. Always ensure that the travel stroller you choose has adhered to all safety norms and has the required number of safety harnesses to keep your child safe.

To sum it up

A break or a vacation seems to be the need of the hour because of the fear & chaos that Covid unleashed upon us. Therefore, you should see to it that even with little children, you can enjoy your time outside. And trust me, travel strollers ensure that to a huge extent; with them, your child is not a burden to carry around, but your baby with you loves doing things with when outdoors!

To make your travel even more convenient, a portable travel crib is recommended. It is of huge help for your baby to get a sound sleep (if not, a cranky baby can really get difficult) in changing environments.

I really hope my travel stroller suggestions will make your airport experience and travel with children easy & smooth. Have a good time!

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