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Can you have two OkCupid accounts? |

OkCupid is the leading dating site for urban singles. It’s not just a dating platform, it’s also an online social community with many features that are designed to help users find and stay in relationships. There have been claims about OkCupid being able to link up two accounts on its website, which has led people to wonder if there are any penalties for doing so.

The “how long does okcupid ban last” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question, is that if you are found to be using two accounts on OkCupid, then you will be banned from the site for life.

Can you have two OkCupid accounts? |

Couples accounts and joint accounts are not permitted. That’s OK if you want to use OkCupid with your partner for non-monogamous dating. Instead of having one joint account, you’ll want to connect accounts with your spouse.

So, how do you know if you’ve been blocked on OkCupid?


  1. Ban on the use of shadows. You have been shadow banned if the BOOST button has been modified to read ADD Picture despite the fact that you have a photo. Although it seems that you have a functional profile, other users are unable to see you and will not get your messages.
  2. The deleting of a profile. You are unable to access your profile.
  3. IP ban.

What happens if you report someone on OkCupid, for example? We don’t inform folks whether they’ve been reported or who has reported them. We also don’t inform them why they were banned in the first place. We don’t disclose your information or details with anybody because we want you to feel secure reporting someone to us.

People also wonder what they shouldn’t do on OkCupid.

On an OkCupid Date, Don’t Do These Things

  • On an OkCupid date, don’t bring up OkCupid.
  • Do not bring up how you believe the date is going with your date in the middle of the date.
  • Do not inquire about the number of OkCupid dates the other person has had.
  • Do not touch your date until you have first sought permission.

Is OkCupid a secure dating platform?

Online dating services such as OKCupid are attracting millions of individuals. Is it, however, secure? Unfortunately, the answer is currently no. On the great majority of their sites, OKCupid does not employ HTTPS encryption to safeguard its users’ privacy.

Answers to Related Questions

Why was my account deleted by OkCupid?

Inactivity resulted in the deletion of this account.

According to our Privacy Policy, accounts that have been inactive for two years must be deleted. This is most certainly the case if you haven’t signed into your account in more than two years and are unable to do so now. For whatever reason, we are unable to reinstate deleted accounts.

Are there any fraudulent OkCupid accounts?

On OkCupid, we do not accept any form of false accounts. Your profile must be authentically you, and it must be for the aim of dating. If you create a false account, both your primary account and the fake account(s) will be banned. Also, information about yourself, such as your age, height, and location.

How can I regain access to my OkCupid account?

To do so, just enter your email address and password into OkCupid. We’ll ask you to confirm that you want to reactivate with a prompt. If you choose yes, your profile will be active and available on OkCupid once again. You will not be able to revive your account if it has been removed.

What happened to my OkCupid messages?

What happened to the intro/conversation? Your Intros tab will be updated whenever someone gives you an introduction (first message). The discussion will be moved to the Older Conversations page if it has been idle for 90 days.

How does OkCupid’s messaging system work?

You’ll notice a “message” button on someone’s profile once you’ve liked them. Click to create and send an introduction message! Please keep in mind that you may only submit one first message, so make it count! If the other person hasn’t liked you yet, you won’t be able to access their profile (or the message you sent) until they do.

Is OkCupid accessible via phone?

OkCupid does not provide customer service over the phone. We do not have a customer support phone number; instead, we ask that you go over our help articles, which are constantly updated with useful information, and, if necessary, contact us using our contact form.

Is OkCupid a free service?

OkCupid’s basic accounts are always free, however we do have a few paid feature options. We’ve built the site in such a way that a free account won’t prevent you from using it. The premium features are nice to have, but they aren’t required to use the site. On OkCupid, messaging is 100% free.

What does the green dot on OKCupid mean?

Someone is now online, as indicated by a green dot. Please keep in mind that when someone logs out, our databases may take a few hours to reload and indicate offline status.

On OKCupid, what does the star signify?

By clicking the “star” symbol at the top of any page on, you may locate individuals you’ve Liked. Tap the star symbol on the bottom navigation row, then “You Like” in the app. Identifying persons who have shown an interest in you. We’ll always let both of you know if you and another user Like each other for free.

What is OKCupid’s Double Take?

DoubleTake displays one possible match’s profile information at a time. DoubleTake begins by examining each person’s uniqueness, allowing you to interact with others in a more meaningful manner.

How can I access my OKCupid likes for free?

How can you tell if someone likes you? (for free)

  1. If they like you first, you’ll get a pop-up stating that you both like each other as soon as you Like their profile!
  2. If you like them first, we’ll give you an alert when they Like you back.
  3. These folks are also shown at the top of your Who You Like page in a section titled “They Like You Too.”

What kind of inquiries does OKCupid elicit?

Answers to OkCupid questions from real people

  • Is it OK to answer your phone when out on a date or with a friend?
  • Would you be interested in having an open relationship (one in which you may see other people)?
  • Would you date someone who lived in a home with a gun?
  • How long do you follow someone on social media once you’ve begun dating them?

Is it safe to date on Facebook?

“Facebook claims the dating service is safe, but how can we be sure it won’t discover in a few years that it wasn’t as safe as it thought?” Kelley remarked. “It gives us pause when items that were corrected years ago are still being proved to pose data privacy issues.”

What is the greatest dating site?

The UK’s finest dating sites and apps

  • Best for: re-entering the workforce.
  • EliteSingles. Best for: educated, forties-aged singles.
  • Lumen. When it comes to adult dating, this is the place to be.
  • Eharmony. When it comes to committed partnerships, this is the best option.
  • Matches that have been soaked in mud. For those who like the outdoors, this is the place to be.
  • Telegraph Dating is a dating service run by the Telegraph newspaper.
  • OkCupid.

Is Bumble a decent dating app?

It’s a Woman’s World Out There

Match is our Editors’ Choice for dating apps because of its extensive profiles and easy-to-use layout for those searching for a long-term relationship, but Bumble is a good option, particularly for women who want to stay safe in the dating jungle.

How can I cancel my membership to OkCupid?

Select Subscriptions from the drop-down menu. Select the subscription you’d want to manage. To terminate your subscription, choose Cancel Subscription. Your subscription will cease at the end of the current payment cycle if you cancel.

Is it possible to search POF by username?

Singles may use for free online dating. What is the best way to find a someone by their username? Enter their username in the USERNAME SEARCH box after clicking SEARCH. If you’re not sure, inputting simply a portion of the name can often get better results than entering the whole name.