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How do I know if my Princess Diana Beanie Baby is first edition? |

princess diana beanie baby value

Princess Diana was known as a humanitarian and advocate for children. Among her many interests, she loved to collect beanie babies – hence the popularity of these plush dolls in recent years. Recently, collectors have been divided over what makes an original Princess Diana Beanie Baby.

The “princess diana beanie baby value 2021” is a question that many people are asking. You can tell if your Princess Diana Beanie Baby is first edition by looking for the number on the back of the tag.

Swing tag “Space”

The “no-space” swing marking on a Princess’s tush may indicate whether it is made of P.V.C. or P.E. pellets. Whether created in China or Indonesia, a Princess Beanie Baby must contain a P.V.C. tush tag to be considered a “first version.”

What is the value of a Princess Diana Beanie Baby, then?

Princess the Bear / $10,000 in value When Ty debuted the purple Princess Diana animal Beanie Baby in 1997, it became an instant hit.

What year was the first Princess Diana Beanie Baby released? 1997

Then there’s the question of which Princess Diana bear is worth money.

“I’ve been waiting since 1997 for my ‘Rare’ Princess Diana Beanie Baby to earn me a billionaire,” tweeted Max Grossman. A peek at eBay listings may support this theory. A bear in “near mint” condition is on the market for $507,000. It’s hardly the only six-figure bear on the market.

Which Beanie Baby is the most expensive?

These are the world’s 20 most expensive beanie babies:

  • $1,200 for Humphrey the Camel.
  • Employ the Bear for $3,000 per month.
  • Nana the Monkey is valued about $4,000.
  • $5,000 for Peace the Bear.
  • $6,500 for a snort of Red Bull.
  • $6,750 for Gobbles the Turkey.
  • Peanut the Elephant has a price tag of $7,000.
  • $7,500 for Halo the Bear.

Answers to Related Questions

How can I tell whether my Beanie Baby is one of a kind?

The primary technique to tell whether a Beanie Baby is valuable is to look at its tags, both the swing tag and the “tush tag.” Because each generation had its own tag design, you should be able to tell which one yours belonged to by looking at this chart.

Princess Diana Beanie Baby value

When it comes to values, not all Princess Diana Beanie Babies are created equal. Variants can impact its value significantly, which is why it is important to identify any unique features that set your bear apart from other models. Factors such as limited edition versions or rare packaging can increase a Princess Diana Beanie Baby’s worth exponentially. Additionally, those with pristine condition will always fetch higher prices since they can truly be considered “mint” conditions due to their likeness to the original.

Princess Diana Beanie Baby value 2021

When assessing the value of a Beanie Baby, experts advise understanding its condition first: signs of wear and tear can drastically reduce its worth. In addition, identifying the type of edition should be done carefully — many counterfeits exist! This can also help determine which family members or celebrities purchased a limited edition Diana Beanie Baby—these are often priced much higher due to their exclusivity. Collectors should also keep in mind that trends play an important role in determining Princess Diana Beanie Baby values—perhaps surprisingly, prices may go up or down with time!

Is there any value in Beanie Babies containing PE pellets?

The Beanie Baby will be valued less if it does not have tags. Another consideration is whether the Beanie Baby is packed with PE or PVC pellets, which may be determined by inspecting the tush tag. Some Beanie Babies with PE pellets are worth less than those with PVC pellets, according to Verderame.

Is it true that Beanie Babies containing PVC pellets are more valuable?

vs. PVC

Beanies containing PVC pellets are more uncommon and hence more valued. This is particularly true when Princess is using PVC pellets. By checking at their tush tags, you can know which pellets are in your Beanie Babies.

Which Beanie Baby is the oldest?

Brownie and Punchers (now known as Pinchers) were the first beanies, having been produced in early 1993. Later, during the New York Toy Show, the whole set of “Original Nine” was officially released.

Is there any value in the Millennium Beanie Baby?


Millennium is spelt with one ‘n’ – Millennium, whereas Gosport, Hampshire, United Kingdom is spelled ‘Gasport.’ Various combinations of these errors result in Millennium beanies, the most costly of which is quoted at $5,000.

What is the value of a 1997 Princess Diana TY beanie baby?

Princess the Bear / $10,000 in value When Ty debuted the purple Princess Diana animal Beanie Baby in 1997, it became an instant hit.

What are the names of the first nine Beanie Babies?

Legs the Frog, Squealer the Pig, Spot the Dog, Flash the Orca, Splash the Whale, Chocolate the Moose, Patti the Platypus, Brownie the Bear (later renamed “Cubbie”), and Pinchers the Lobster were the first nine Beanie Babies released in 1993. (with some tag errors with “Punchers”).

princess diana beanie baby value 2021

What is the value of a first-edition Princess Diana Beanie Baby?

“Contrary to all of the hoopla, disinformation, and secondary market speculation,” the website claims, “even a “first edition” version of Princess [Diana Beanie Baby] produced in China is presently valued about $27.” “A ‘first edition’ version of Princess produced in Indonesia is valued at about $47.”

Are Beanie Babies worthless if they don’t have the tag?

Beanie Babies without tags are far less valuable than those with tags. Beanie Babies without tags often sell for less than 30% of their labeled counterparts. Beanie Babies without tags are far less valuable than those with tags. The condition of the Beanie Baby is very important to collectors.

What is the value of the peace beanie baby?

Peace isn’t very uncommon, although certain variants are quite valuable. The unusual variants, like many Beanies, feature errors and misspellings on the tag. Peace is no exception, and if you discover you have one with multiple odd errors, you might be facing a bill of much to $15,000! One sold for a whopping $13,000 in March of 2018!

What is the best place for me to sell my Beanie Babies?

Where Should You Sell Your Beanie Baby?

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t advertise your kid on many websites; eBay, Etsy, and Craigslist are all fine places to start.

When was Princess Diana’s Beanie Baby released?


What distinguishes Princess Diana Beanie from other hats?

Unfortunately, not $500,000. Perhaps you admired your Princess Beanie Baby from behind its plastic case, appreciating its purple beauty and double-checking that the tag protection was securely placed. A Ty toy collector’s collection would be incomplete without the bear benefiting The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

Which Ty princess bear is the most valuable?

Toy firm TY made Princess Diana Beanie Babies as a homage to the Princess of Wales following her death in 1997, and they are now worth a fortune. After her terrible death in 1997, Diana Princess of Wales was honored in a variety of ways.