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What race is Flamingeos? |

Fitting the description of a bolt of lightning, Flamingeos is one very elusive Pokémon. It appears in many forms but always has fire or some form of heat around them. What race does it belong to?

Flamin Geos, his YouTube channel, has over 2,70,000 subscribers. He was born in Puerto Rico and is of Puerto Rican origin. He was born in Pennsylvania but later relocated to Florida, where he now lives.

People also wonder who Flamingo’s girlfriend is.

Loren Gray joins the Flamingeos as an official member (With a Kiss) Loren actually denied dating Geo on YouNow only a few weeks ago! The pair, however, eventually addressed the rumors with a big, massive confirmation!

Is Flamingeos single except from the aforementioned? According to our data, Juwany Roman is presently single. On 25th of July, 1999, the American Snapchat Star was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He has over 1 million Instagram followers, over 410,000 YouNow followers, and over 2.4 million admirers, and he is highly famous on Snapchat.

What’s more, where does Juwany Roman reside?

He was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Orlando, Florida until he was ten years old.

What is Juwany Roman’s age in 2019?

6 months after becoming 20 years old

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Is Loren Gray’s relationship with her boyfriend over?

Loren Gray and her lover, Geo, a.k.a. Flamingeos or Juwany Roman, have confirmed their connection. a few of months ago Now it seems that the two have chosen to call it quits and go their separate ways, and the facts behind their breakup are shocking!

Why did Loren and Joey end their relationship?

Loren Beech & Her (Ex) Boyfriend Joey Kisluk Announce They Broke Up on Twitter. “Hey friends,” Joey began. “I do not know if you all know already, or if rumors got around. Joey said that the pair broke up because they needed some time apart due to their busy lives.

Flamingeo’s age is unknown.

Juwany, also known as Flamingeo, was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on 25th of July, 1999.

What is the age of Whynot Joey?

Joey Kisluk’s start to such a voyage has already been magnificent. Whynot Joey is the social media account under which the American musical personality is more recognized and praised by his admirers. His videos have gone viral and reached tens of thousands of people, making the 17-year-old a musical phenomenon.

Loren and Geo began dating around the same time.

In 2016, she started dating Geo, also known as Flamingeos or Juway Roman. Loren and Juway dated for a few months before splitting up in late 2016. She acknowledged her connection with Geo on Instagram, captioning one of the photographs, ‘You’re lovely to me.’

Juwany Roman’s height is unknown.

Juwany Roman’s height, weight, age, and body measurements are shown below.

Quick Facts about Juwany Roman
Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 68 kg
Year of Birth 25th of July, 1999
Sign of the Zodiac Leo

Why had Juwany Roman been imprisoned?

It was just over a year ago that Juwany Roman, better known as Flamingeos on, got arrested for having a fan meetup at a mall. It’s clear that the 17-year-old didn’t think getting into legal trouble was THAT big of a deal, because he hosted another public meet & greet for his supporters and …

What is the true name of Flamingo?

Juwany Roman, Juwany Roman, Juwany Roman, Juwany Roman, Juwany

What is the meaning of the name Juwany?

According to a proposal from the United States, Juwany means “Perfection.” Juwany is a Spanish name that means “strong and god’s gift,” according to a user from Texas, United States.

Flamingeos dated who?

Loren Gray, on the other hand, confirmed their breakup on Twitter in March 2019. Loren Gray and British artist HRVY (Leigh Cantwell) were speculated to be dating in 2017. Loren Gray and Juwany Roman, often known as Flamingeos or “Geo,” an American internet video celebrity, dated in 2016.

Loren Beech’s address is unknown.

Loren is still living with her mother in Pennsylvania, United States, as of 2017. (Update: Loren has relocated to Los Angeles and no longer resides in Pennsylvania.)

How did Karlee Steel become well-known?

Karlee Steel’s Professional Life

She rose to prominence after her debut on Twitter, her first social media platform, in June 2010. She was able to create her own YouTube channel as she progressed. In January of 2013, she launched her YouTube channel, which quickly established her as a career-worthy figure.