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6 Home Renovation Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

Home renovation is a process that we all go through from time to time. It gives you an opportunity to re-design your home according to your current preferences. Whether you want a massive renovation or want to make minor changes. The home remodeling company in Washington is the best and the most experienced contractor that you must choose for your home renovation done perfectly.

Houses with foundation problems usually aren’t in danger of collapse. Most houses become unsafe to live in because of a sudden and catastrophic event, usually a natural disaster. If that happens, you’ll know about it. The truth is, many people live in houses with foundation problems without realizing it. Foundation problems can be present for years before they start causing visible problems in the rest of the house.

Here are six home renovation ideas that will help you decide what changes or repairs you want to make to your home. 


Lights play a major role in creating the perfect vibe for a house. If you want more natural light to enter your home, then you have two options. First, you can replace the wooden doors with a glass door. Second, you can use translucent curtains over window panes to let the sunlight in. 

You can switch to LED light bulbs or fairy lights to create a colorful dimmer effect. Installing dimmer switches will help you control the brightness of the lights. Using pendant lights or spotlights will help you accentuate your favorite furniture pieces and is a treat to the eyes. You can use different materials like glass, marble, or granite to create an abstract effect from the fixtures around the bulbs.

New Flooring

The flooring of the house gets tarnished after years of people walking around the house. You clean the floor of your house with harsh elements, but this eventually affects the surface of your floor. 

You can wash and polish the floor to regain the previous shine. You can also redo your carpeting or replace the carpeting with wood floor installation, which will give the house an ethnic yet modern look bringing warmth to the room space. To decrease your expenses on the flooring, you can use laminate and vinyl flooring.

Add More Greenery Inside and Outside the House

Get new plants and saplings for your house. Put the flower plants in pots and decorate them around the house for a beautiful, colorful and peaceful vibe. Keeping plants inside the house will reduce the levels of carbon dioxide and cut down on airborne dust as well. If you are not much of a plant person, then get artificial or low-maintenance plants. 

You can grow creepers on the top of your entrance gate or let the creepers crawl over the boundary walls. Line up those plant pots around the lawn. Grow plants or trees that help minimize air pollution to keep your surroundings fresh.

Switch to eco-friendly products and energy sources. It might seem expensive at first, but it will cut your bills down the line and keep the environment safe as well. Install energy-saving lighting. You can also install solar panels. However, if you consider installing solar panels, don’t do it yourself. It’s a tedious job that requires professional training. Fortunately, SunPower solar panel installers are there to install the system and assure its optimal operation.

Water is the ultimate culprit when it comes to foundation damage. In order to keep your home safe, proper landscaping around the foundation is important. If it rains and your property is very flat, you could end up with water everywhere. Proper landscaping by a Landscaping company can help guide water to places you want it to go, such as street gutters, dry wells, and swales.

Create more Storage Space

Over the years, you accumulate new things for yourself and your home. Your home becomes crowded with stuff lying all around the house. As such, creating more storage space will help keep your home organized and clean. 

Use open shelves to store a variety of things. You can add them to the shelves you use for storing more utensils and kitchen items, or you can use the area under the staircases for storage. Get cabinets with multiple drawers to make more space for storage. 

HVAC, Wiring, Plumbing

If your toilet whistles when flushed, the problem is usually a faulty fill valve. This valve regulates the amount of water that enters your tank after you flush and is generally located in the left rear corner of your toilet’s tank. The louder the whistle, the more likely the fill valve needs replacement. You will need to contact a professional plumber as soon as possible.

The essential resources in and around the house run efficiently because of HVAC, Wiring, and Plumbing. Their efficiency degrades by repeated usage over time. They need to be checked regularly for any problems and need to be repaired immediately. If they are not tended to, then the entire system might get damaged, and you will need to install a new system. The repairing costs can be a little expensive, but it will be pricier if you need to change the entire system. 

Go for trusted brands and good professionals to do your work. You can’t take the risk of buying low-quality HVAC, wiring, and plumbing tools as they hold the foundation for energy to flow around the house.

Repair Damaged Furniture

The furniture in your home weakens at the joints and breaks when used for years. Wood furniture decays while furniture made of iron will rust. Sitting or sleeping on broken furniture might lead to mishaps. So to avoid any such event, replace your furniture when you notice that it has been thoroughly used and cannot hold anything or anyone anymore. 

Go for modern furniture that occupies less space around the house. This will provide you with more sitting space and can be shuffled easily around different areas of your home. To give a retro appeal, you can buy furniture from an antique furniture store. Make sure that the product you buy is in good condition and will last you for years.


home renovation project needs to be carefully planned according to your comfort, needs, and budget. You can either make add-ons to already existing spaces or start adding new things from scratch. You can hire an architect to help you with the designs or get a professional to execute your required designs. If you have the time and experience, then you can DIY your own home space. This will save you the expenses of hiring somebody else to do the job.