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Six Tips to Make Sure Your Jewelry Compliments Your Outfit

Marilyn Monroe may have said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but in effect, moon star ring in itself is a woman’s beloved companion. Your jewelry goes hand-in-hand with your ensemble, and if paired correctly, it can morph your vibe into whatever you need it to be. Do you wish to look professional? Stand out at a party? Or perhaps add a little bit of flair to your otherwise casual outfit? Well, your jewelry can do all that and more if you pay a little more attention to how you style it.

Your jewelry can make or break your outfit according to how it fits with your clothing. Some accessories can complement your clothes perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle falling back together to form a masterpiece. But more often than not, adorning yourself with the wrong choice of jewelry can give off a rather less refined sense of style. 

Jewelry is a potent part of how you present yourself. Getting the right accessories for your outfit is not only about looking fashionable but also about expressing yourself. However, because choosing the said accessories can be a tedious task, we have listed down some tips to help you with it. 

Choose Your Necklace According to Your Neckline

Your necklace can clash with your neckline in two ways: if you are not mindful of its length or the neckline is too pretty for further embellishments. Different types of necklines call for different kinds of necklaces. For instance, if your top has a sweetheart or strapless neckline, short necklaces, such as collar necklaces or chokers, may be the right choice. If your outfit gives off a softer feminine vibe, go for a delicate choker instead of an intimidating one to keep the concept; you may find some dainty chokers at Bryan Anthonys to be the right pick for your next outfit. Similarly, if you have a V-neck top, a pendant that falls close to your cleavage will accentuate your outfit the best, while a high necked or collared shirt would go well with a long necklace instead.

However, not every neckline necessarily has a necklace to go with it. Some necklines are dramatic enough that putting on a necklace can make it look like a lot is going on. If you find yourself wearing an illusion neck or an asymmetric neck top or dress, ditch the necklace for other accessories instead.

Choose Only One Statement Jewelry

Picture this: a woman wearing a chunky necklace, huge hoop earrings, and many bangles on her wrist. One would hardly call that a sensible fashion choice. Why? Because some jewelry pieces demand an onlooker’s attention and wearing all these together will throw off your entire look. When all the jewelry pieces are fighting each other for attention, it will take away all the focus from your outfit.

Hence, do not pair your focal pieces together, as it can look too overwhelming. More is not always the best. Try to keep the number of statement pieces to a minimum, or you might end up looking like a walking jewelry box instead!

Accessorize According to The Occasion

Work, friendly outings, formal events- they all call for different kinds of accessories. There are wrong pieces of jewelry for certain types of occasions. Just like a bold choker would not go well in a work environment, an elaborate diamond piece may not be appropriate for a low-key hangout with friends. Similarly, dangling necklaces or loose bracelets may be inappropriate for events requiring physical activities.

Your outfits at different events give off unique impressions, and your jewelry is only an extension to your outfit. If you choose the right piece of clothing for your event but miss the right snake ring, you are still not dressed your best. Hence, make sure your jewelry works with the theme of your occasion while matching your outfit.

Coordinate Your Bracelets With Your Sleeves

Long sleeves equal fewer bracelets: that is the unwritten fashion rule. Bracelets and long sleeves do not complement each other- the bracelets either keep getting in the way or are barely visible. Bracelets work the best will short sleeves as they decorate the bare skin of your visible arms.

With different types of sleeves, you may have to rethink your choice of bracelets as well. Short-sleeved or sleeveless outfits go with elaborately designed bracelets, whereas mid-length sleeves look better with simple and dainty Puravida Bracelets.

Experiment by Contrasting

Bold jewelry for basic outfits. Dainty and simple jewelry for flashy outfits. Black, silver, or gold jewelry for vivid clothing. Bright and colorful for clothes of monotone color. Fashion is all about experimenting and finding the right look that balances all the items. “Opposites attract” is the phrase we all have heard, and that is sometimes true when pairing your jewelry and outfits together as well. Therefore, try bringing cooler and warmer tones together. Sometimes, the conflict can create the most beautiful of looks.

Wear Jewelry That Goes With Your Skin Tone

For the best look, your jewelry should complement your skin along with your outfit. Focusing on your tastes and preferences when buying jewelry is completely fine; you can wear whatever you like. However, you may find that some pieces of jewelry you buy, no matter how beautiful, do not look as good on you as you had hoped. That may have something to do with your skin tone. It’s better to visit a shop and buy jewelry pieces after trying them on.

The jewelry you wear is generally for your skin. Therefore, its color and your skin tone have high chances of clashing. Some gem colors go well with certain types of skin tones. You may have to identify whether your skin tone is warm or cool to find what colored jewelry may suit you better. For instance, rose gold, yellow, and coppery shades would suit someone with a warmer skin tone, while shades of blue, emerald, pink, or purple would suit someone with a cooler one.


The fashion world may have its own rules, but life is all about enjoying what you do. If you liked that one pair of earrings, buy them. If you want to wear a pearl necklace with your T-shirt, do that. If following the many guidelines of fashion do’s and don’ts is not your cup of tea, make your own flavor. Dress up how you want to dress up. Express yourself as you wish others to see you. The world is your oyster; you can do whatever you want as long as it makes you happy.