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5 Home Decoration Ideas That Add Your Personal Touch

Home is where the heart is, so it only makes sense to include decor in it that reflects your personality and life. Even if you are aiming for a magazine-worthy interior design look, you needn’t sacrifice those feel good, personal touches. Often, it’s those simple details that make a big impact on the look and feel of an entire room. So, whether you enjoy a sleek, modern look or prefer a warm, cozy aesthetic, there are all sorts of ways to make your home your own.

The best part? Creating a beautiful space and including personal touches doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, adding splashes of your personality is often much less costly than purchasing generic art or decor elements inspired by famous interior designers. Whether you hang a landscape diamond painting on the living room wall, design a family photo gallery for the den, or decorate using your favorite natural elements, your imagination is the only limit to personalizing your home. Keep reading to discover a few home decoration ideas that make your home feel more personalized.

1. Decorate with Diamond Art

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If you are the crafty type, completing diamond paintings and framing them to use as wall decor is an excellent way to add a sparkling personal statement to any room. Even if you’re not someone who feels particularly crafty, diamond art kits make it easy for even absolute beginners to create stunning works of art. When you buy one of the best diamond painting kits from a trusted company, you’ll keep the frustration level at a minimum as the tools and everything else needed to complete a masterpiece are included.

Diamond art is the process of creating mosaic images using resin “diamonds” called drills. Drills can be either round or square shaped, and they come in every color imaginable. Using a special tool, you stick each diamond onto a self-adhesive canvas. The canvas is pre-printed to show you exactly where to place each color. Similar to both cross stitch and paint-by-number kits, diamond painting is an easy and enjoyable activity for people of all ages. It doesn’t require any experience or special skills, so anyone can create a breathtaking masterpiece with a diamond art kit. When you’re finished, frame your artwork and find a spot to display it in your home. Trust us — a diamond painting you made with your own hands is way better than a generic piece of art from a big box store.

2. Design a Family Photo Gallery

Displaying family photos is, of course, one of the easiest ways to personalize your decor. If you’re looking for something a bit fancier than photos taped on the fridge or displayed in a mishmash of generic frames, consider designing a family photo gallery. Check out these gallery wall ideas for inspiration!

To create your gallery, first, decide where you would like to display it and measure to determine how much space you have. Then, choose your photos. For a cohesive look, consider having them all printed in black and white and in the same size. If you’re going for a more eclectic look, use a variety of different sizes and shapes. Next, choose your frames. Simple matching frames of the same size work well for creating a neat grid layout, but colorful frames in various sizes and shapes are best if you want a more unique, eye-catching look. Frame your photos and arrange them on a single wall in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Looking for some unique ways to add a personal touch to your home décor? Check out our top 5 Tasmanian art prints that are sure to do the trick!

3. Bring the Outside in

Styling a room with flowers and greenery is a wonderful way to liven up any space. And whether you have a green thumb or a black one, there are suitable options for everyone. If you enjoy nurturing different kinds of flora, decorating with houseplants is a simple, straightforward option. Just be sure to pay attention to each plant’s particular needs. A tropical plant that thrives on sunlight and humidity won’t do well in a dimly lit family room. Likewise, a cactus or similar desert plant won’t thrive in a damp environment like a bathroom. Choose appropriate plants for the spaces in which you want to display them, or make the space more hospitable to a certain plant by adding grow lights, a humidifier, etc.

Tending plants not your thing? No problem! Go outside and see what kind of flowers, twigs, flowering branches, pinecones and other natural items catch your eye. Even an interesting rock can make a unique decor item. On their own or grouped together, it’s all about choosing things that you find appealing, rather than selecting items based on someone else’s aesthetics. Also, feel free to decorate using fresh-cut flowers from the grocery store. Just make sure you change them out regularly.

4. Display Travel Mementos

Regardless of your destination, going somewhere new always presents an opportunity to shop for meaningful home decor you won’t find elsewhere. Even if you’re just visiting a town a couple of hours from home, you can find unique pieces from local artists, postcards, and other items to display in your home. Scouring antique shops and secondhand stores in different cities is an excellent way to score meaningful mementos to showcase as well.

Some folks get caught up thinking that only art and trinkets from other countries are worthy of display, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Anything that speaks to you on your journeys is capable of adding a personal touch to your home.

5. Show Off Family Heirlooms

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Regardless of your style, there are many ways to incorporate family heirlooms into your home decor. You can easily modernize vintage pieces by adding the right accessories. For example, you can modernize an antique desk by pairing it with a modern chair and colorful desk accessories. Your great grandfather’s collection of pocket watches or your great aunt’s amazing antique buttons can be styled any number of ways inside a shadowbox frame or display style coffee table. Re-upholstering or refinishing a furniture piece can really breathe new life into a piece, as will adding a new color of paint. However, best to check first to see if the value of the piece lies in it remaining in “original condition”!


Your home should be your sanctuary. So, rather than fill it up with generic art and deck it out according to the latest design trends, use personal touches to make it truly feel like your home. Regardless of your style, the tips above are all great ways to personalize your home.

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