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How to Pass a Washington State Driving Test

Have you or one of your kids got a driving test coming up in Washington State? The Evergreen State has one of the toughest driving tests in the country, so it’ll require more preparation than most. Here are some essential tips for ensuring you pass your road test.

Prepare Your Car and Documents

When you take your road test in Washington State, you’ll bring your own vehicle. Make sure you know its registration and Washington car insurance documents along with your social security number and ID, as you’ll be asked for these upon arrival at the DMV. Required documents might change depending on each state and country. Some states also require a Social Security card or Social Security denial letter, while UK citizens must fill out DVLA licence application form to obtain a driver’s license after passing the test. You’ll also need to make sure your vehicle meets the following requirements:

● Half a tank of gas

● Working car horn and rearview mirror

● Unobstructed view through windshield and all windows

● Correctly inflated tires

● Car doors all open and close properly from the inside and the outside

● Working turn signals, brake lights, taillights, and headlights

Test your brakes before the test. A WA road test involves testing your emergency brakes, known as a brake reaction test or a simulated emergency stop. Make sure you’re practiced at this and your brakes are up to scratch.

Drivers under 18 will also need parental permission, so either bring a parent or get them to sign a parental authorization affidavit form. You must bring a licensed adult with you to the DMV if you’re under 18.

Practice Reversing Around a Corner

One of the reasons the WA driving test is so hard is one of the commonly required maneuvers is backing around a corner. This will usually happen in a quiet, residential area. When you drive in reverse, it’s essential that you turn and look out of the rear window.

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You won’t have a rearview camera, and if you only use mirrors to back up, you’ll lose points. Once you’ve backed around the corner, you’ll need to continue back in a straight line.

Practice Parallel Parking

Yet another difficult maneuver that is included on a WA driving test is parallel parking. Even experienced drivers dread having to do this, so get plenty of practice beforehand. During the test, you might need to parallel park between two cars or between two poles or cones. The second option is best as it avoids the risk of hitting another car and getting an automatic fail as a result, but parking between poles can also be more difficult.

Check Your Blind Spots

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A common way to fail a WA road test is to forget to check your blind spots using mirrors and by turning around. You can do everything perfectly, but vision errors can knock a lot of points off your test and cause you to fail. Make sure you turn to check your blind spot when reversing, changing lanes, and when parallel parking.

Know The Automatic Fails

There are some absolute no-gos on a WA road test that will automatically fail you. Remember not to do any of these:

● Speeding

● Collision with another car, pedestrian, or cyclist

● Driving off-road into obstacles

● Failing to stop

● Dangerous driving, such as when you cause near-miss accidents.

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