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Franco Chains — A Trend from Italy

Gold chains come in a variety of different designs. However, Franco chains are the classical ones that have been in fashion from when they were invented. These chains are widely used by hip-hop artists and as street wears. These are ultra-durable and, once bought, will accompany you for years.

Franco link chain is basically a curb pattern with tightly woven chevron links. Their hand-crafted, unique shaped “V” design makes them hassle-free. Style them the way you want and spice up your look on any occasion. You can do this at any age and especially when you retire and need to give your life a new vibe.

History of Franco Chains

Decades ago, Franco, an Italian designer, invented the Franco chain in a bid to make a chain that would not tangle. He used the Miami Cuban link as a base and created the best ever gold chain, which does not pull out hair or tangle.

As evident from history, the Franco chain was introduced to the world by Italians, which is why it never missed out on being a trend in Italy. This is a kind of jewelry piece that never goes out of fashion and is easy to style too.

How to Style Franco Chains?

Combined, the beautiful design and strength of the Franco chains; make this chain trendy. No matter which color of gold you wear, the brilliant design of this type of gold chain will surely add charm to your look. The secure lobster claw clasp makes them secure to wear. However, a franco chain with diamonds is the regal variation of Franco chains.

The V-shaped links of this chain have two faces. The interesting thing is that; you can style the two links differently. Like, if you wear a chain with the chevron links facing outward or the boxier link facing outward. Indeed, the Franco chain can be worn as two entirely different chains. Isn’t that amazing?

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Are Franco Chains for Men or Women?

If you are wondering, are Franco chains for men or women? Get your answer here. Both men and women equally own the privilege to style the Franco chains. Just wear it when you are all dressed up for going to any occasion and impress everyone with your showstopper look. Let’s now get to know about some of the best Italian trending chains you must consider when buying.

Best Franco Chains – Our Top Picks

If you are searching for the best Franco chains, you have got to the right place! We have listed some of the best Franco chains from our top picks for 2022.

Hollow 14k Gold Franco Chain For Men & Women

If you are looking for a Franco chain with an affordable price range, the Hollow 14k gold Franco chain is for you! It’s easy to style for both men and women. Some of its features include:

  • It comes in three different lengths; the approximate weight for each length is; 18in – 8.5g, 20in – 9.3g, and 24in – 11g.
  • It is of high-quality gold and is available at up to 50% off the retail price.
  • This lustrous 14k gold chain has a width of 3mm.
  • It only comes in yellow gold color and is packed in a gift box/pouch.

14K Rose Gold Franco Chain

If you want to style an elegant look with a Franco chain, go with this one, as its beautiful design with the three color options and the beautiful luster will surely help you style a showstopper look. Its specifications are as follows:

  • This stunning Franco chain has a width of 2.5mm, and its length varies from 24 inches – 30 inches.
  • Choose from three colors of gold, including; yellow, white, or rose gold.
  • This lustrous gold chain comes with a 1-year warranty and comes in gift box/pouch packing.
  • If you live in the U.S, avail the free shipping facility. You have to pay for worldwide shipping.
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14k Solid Gold Franco Chain in Yellow or White Gold

14k solid gold Franco chain is indeed a marvelous creation made with utter protection and love by the manufacturers. It is made of high-quality gold, which is standard in the U.S market. Its features are:

  • This squared-off chain has a width of 4mm and a length of 24 inches to 40 inches. Get the chain length that you find suitable for yourself.
  • This 14 K solid gold Franco chain has a lobster claw lock to ensure safe wear.
  • It is available in 2 different colors of gold, i.e., yellow and white.
  • It comes with a 1-Year warranty and gift box/pouch too.

LUXURMAN Solid 14k Gold Franco Chain for Women

The beautifully designed Luxurman solid 14k gold Franco chain is all that you need to revamp your look! The beautiful hanging heart at the adjustable end adds to its charm. Its specifications include:

  • It has an adjustable length with an approximate weight of 22inches – 3.5grams and a width of 0.9mm.
  • This Franco chain comes with a warranty of one year and a return policy, valid within 30 days.
  • It’s available in two gold colors, i.e., white and yellow, and gift box packing.
  • It comes with the guarantee of 100% pure gold without any impurity.

Best Seller of Franco Chains

Which is the best seller of the Franco chains? ItsHot New York! This brand provides a massive collection of high-quality jewelry pieces for men and women. Whether it’s Franco gold chains or any other, bracelets or watches, rings or earrings, you will not find a competitor of their quality in the market.

Go to their website and get stuck with the beauty of their ornament collection. Besides this, ItsHot has always been the customer’s favorite. That’s why it has gained immense positive feedback.

Concluding Thoughts

With their tightly woven design and V-shape appearance, Franco gold chains are best for styling at any occasion to spice up your look. Style this reversible chain as two entirely different chains. You got it right! It’s a two-in-one chain. It’s like getting two chains for the price of one.

To get the best Franco chains, visit the website of ItsHot New York and enjoy the best ever shopping experience with their amazing customer dealing service. You will find every type of jewelry piece on their website, including the ones stated above in the article.