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Tummy Time: How to Help Your Little One Master a New Skill

What’s that? You hear your baby grunt and groan, but you can’t figure out what he or she is doing? This may just be the beginning of tummy time! If your child hasn’t started to practice tummy time on his or her own yet, it’s time to learn more about this important activity that will help strengthen muscles, improve your child’s balance, and increase the likelihood of rolling over and then crawling and walking on time. Read on to learn more about five things you can do to help your baby with tummy time!

Put Babies on Their Tummies as Soon as They Can Hold Their Heads Up

Tummy time is essential for helping your baby develop the muscles in their neck and back. As newborns, you can help your baby jumpstart their tummy time by placing them on their tummies, on your chest as they doze off for their naps.

Not only is this cuddle time precious for bonding time, but it also gets them used to being on their tummies. As babies get older, you can lay them down flat on a mat or other soft surfaces, such as a Crane Baby quilt on the floor or a play mat with some toys. Give them lots of support and keep a close eye on them. Babies need support under their chests and backs when learning how to use their hands to push up against the floor while on their tummies – this helps build those all-important arm and shoulder muscles!

Put Toys in Front of Them

When your baby is on their tummy, put a few of their favorite toys in front of them within reach. This will help keep their attention focused and give them something to look at and grab for.

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You can also try to encourage them with your voice. Babies love the sound of their parent’s voices, so talk, sing, or read to your little one while they’re on their tummy. This will help them relax and feel comforted. You will need to get down on their level. By getting down on the floor with your baby during tummy time, they’ll be able to see you and feel supported.

Play With Them While They are on Their Tummies

When your baby is on their tummy, try lying down next to them and playing with them. This way, they can see that you’re having fun and they’ll be more likely to want to keep trying. You can also try tickling their feet or blowing bubbles. Just make sure that you’re supervising them at all times so they don’t roll over and hurt themselves. If your baby gets upset or frustrated, take a break and try again later. It’s important not to force them to do something they don’t want to do. Just let them know that you’re there for them and that you’re excited to help them learn this new skill!

Use Skin-to-skin Contact While They are on Their Tummies

When your baby is on their tummy, you can help them feel comfortable and supported by doing skin-to-skin contact. This means that you will take off your shirt and hold your baby close to your bare chest. You can do this for a few minutes at a time, several times a day. Not only will this help your baby feel more comfortable, but it will also give you both some quality bonding time. Baby carriers can also help with this if you need to multitask.

Put a Mirror in Front of Them so They can Watch Themselves Move

Babies are often fascinated by their own reflection, so placing a mirror in front of them during tummy time can help keep them entertained. Plus, watching themselves move can help encourage your baby to keep trying new things. Put a colorful ball on the ground and have your baby roll over and reach for it.

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You’re never too old for some playtime with mom or dad! Be sure to give your little ones plenty of love and attention while they’re on their stomach. Sit down next to them, hold their hands, and talk to them about what you’re doing — it’s all fun for the whole family!